Textastic is a text, code and markup editor for iPad and iPhone with rich support for syntax highlighting, FTP, SFTP and Dropbox. It will continue to be actively developed to provide you with the features you need to get your work done.

In order to achieve this, we would appreciate any and all feedback on challenges encountered when using Textastic.

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Support for SVN

조지훈 3 years ago in General 0
Hi. I've got this app knowing that it support svn, but finally I figured out that I saw the topic registered in the feedback page of Textastic homepage.

So I got disappointed that there is no option of svn for connection, but for another way, I drilled about using webDAV. And while working on webDAV I found that one of function of apache webserver, it supports webDAV and svn for version control. So that I connected to svn through apache webserver webDAV. So it seemed that all the ways go nice.

But, I've got something uncomfortable issue browsing files in my repository. When I connect the repository through HTTP protocol like http:{ip}:{port}/svn/test/trunk, it contains a directory like "er/2/trunk" but actually it is for viewing current revision information when I see it through web browerser. So the question or a request is that is there a way to ignore directories such like that, is for additional information for web browser.

I don't know about how it is going on that supporting various version control software, but if it is hard for supporting fully functional, then how about supporting things like making svn usable through webDAV and apache webserver's auto version control function through svn.
Under review

C++ string recognition bug

Jung Chul Shin 3 years ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 3 years ago 3
C++ code like this seems to be incorrectly recognized:
cout << "hello;"
This line is recognized as cout << "hello; and ", which should be recognized as one sentence.

Themes: modifiable, or I’d like to suggest parts of one

fjpoblam 4 years ago in General • updated 4 years ago 3
Suggestion: modifiable themes. Or if you don’t want to bother with that, I have a suggested theme. Why? On my laptop, my editor is BBEdit, and my suggestion will reflect what I’m using there. The goal is to make things easier to find while editing, while remaining somewhat subtle, less garish. The theme I’m using in Textastic is “Mac Classic”, which comes close to my needs. Here’s a description of my ideal theme, for just HTML and CSS. Colors approximate, shown as HTML web-safe names.
Text, code punctuation, failed code—black;
tag names (e.g., “<a” of “<a href.…”)—mediumblue (#0000cd)
tag value names (e.g., “href" of “<a href=”)—darkblue (#00008b)
quoted tag values (e.g., “120” of “<img height='120'”)—green (#008000)
unquoted tag values (e.g., “120” of “<img height=120”)—purple (#800080)
entity names (e.g., “&”)—maroon (#800000)
comments (e.g., “<!--…-->”)—darkgray (#a9a9a9)
text and comments—font-weight:normal; else—font-weight:bold;
element name (e.g., “p” of “p{color:black}”)—mediumblue (#0000cd)
element value name (e.g., “color” of “p{color:black}”)—darkblue (#00008b)
quoted element value (e.g. “Helvetica Neue” of “p{font-family:'Helvetica Neue'…})—green (#008000)
unquoted element element value (e.g.,“black” of “p{color:black}”)—purple (#800080)
special values (e.g.,“#000” of p{color:#000}”)—maroon (#800000)
comments (e.g., “/*…*/”)—darkgray (#a9a9a9)
failed code (e.g.,“p color: black”)—black
comments—font-weight:normal; else—font-weight:bold

ios 7 support

simon7ley 3 years ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 3 years ago 2
I own a device with ios 7 and wanted to purchase Textastic in the App Store, but it said it required ios 8. Since Apple limited filesystem access with ios 8.3, I don't want to upgrade. I wonder if it was possible to make Textastic available for ios 7 again (maybe with less features)?

Postscript support

Glenn Helmendach 5 years ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 1

Any possibility for Postscript support?  Or how about opening up the capability to define our own language rules?


Show PDF preview if a local file with the same name exists

Teddy Svoronos 2 years ago in General 0

Many of us are using remote typesetters to produce PDFs of LaTeX documents. If I have a PDF in the same directory as a Tex file with the same name, it would be great for Textastic to treat it as a "remote file preview" so that I can browse the PDF when activating the preview window


Download latest files automatically function in Settings

Diego Chuman 4 years ago in General 0
So that if a file has been changed elsewhere than Textastic App, automatically downloads the files modified (you can change that in the settings as well)

"Zap Gremlins"

Ramon Figueroa-Centeno 4 years ago in General 0
It would be very helpful if Textastic had a "Zap Gremlins" capability (like BBEdit), or at least a capability to identify and eliminate non-printable characters.

paste image from clipboard

Michelangelo Cofrancesco Araúj 5 years ago in General • updated 5 years ago 2

It would be a good thing to be able to paste images copied from other apps (such like Safari or Photoshop Touch) to the clipboard into any folder... Thanks !!


Custom code definitions

RaianStar 4 years ago in General • updated 4 years ago 2
I know we have this, but I don't know how to create one.  If we had access to the existing definition files, we could reverse engineer them and make our own without the need to create tutorials and such.

i.e. I don't like that HTML5 inserts <br /> instead of <br>.  That's HTML 4 code.  I also prefer tab over double space.  If I could see what currently exists as a default, and could edit it and save it as a custom template, that would be really useful to me.