Theme with no syntax coloring

Greg Jorgensen 1 week ago in General updated 1 week ago 3

I'd like an editor theme with no syntax coloring, or a way to turn off syntax coloring. Ideally a theme like the Acme editor, with a light yellow background and black text. I don't use syntax coloring in the other editors I use, I find it distracting.


Thanks. Still hoping for an Acme theme but I’m fine turning off the syntax coloring. 

Satisfaction mark by Greg Jorgensen 1 week ago

After you open a file, you can set the syntax definition to "Plain Text" in the file properties to disable syntax coloring for files with that file extension.

There is an online tmTheme-Editor at https://tmtheme-editor.glitch.me

It also has a huge gallery of themes. You can edit and download themes and use them with Textastic. 

See https://www.textasticapp.com/v10/manual/customization/custom_syntax_themes_templates.html on how to add custom themes.