Open files directly over sftp with a live sftp browser. No syncing entire dirs!

Reilly Beacom 9 years ago in General 0
I don't care if a temp file is copied to my ipad as long as that is invisible to me. I just want to open a single file and see its *remote* path and save it to its remote path.
Under review

Matching tag highlighting

James Hamilton (Ancient Alien) 9 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 9 years ago 2 1 duplicate
I would love to see "matching tag highlighting" added as a feature to Textastic. That way when I'm dealing with multiple nested div tags locating their matching opening or closing tags would be very helpful. Example: If I selected the <div> tag its matching </div> tag would highlight to indicate its location. I love Textastic, and cannot wait to see more useful features added. Can we get HTML5 animation support in the preview browser as well? Thanks in advance

Mosh protocol for ssh

jsommers 3 years ago in General updated by Garry Harthill 3 years ago 2

I love the built-in ssh terminal.  One way to make it even better would be to add support for the mosh protocol which would allow long-running shells, and for shells to stay “connected” while moving between networks.  

Thanks for making such a nice app!


Occurrences highlight

puccet 4 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 1 year ago 6

It would be really usefull to highlight every occurrences of the currently selected word (a la Eclispe for example).


Support for Multicursor (as seen in Sublime, Atom, VSCode)

ccssmnn 4 years ago in General updated by Nitin 4 years ago 2

I would love to see Multicursor functionality similar to the one available in Sublime, Atom or VSCode. They improve productivity a lot and save a lot of double/triple typing or search and replace processes.


Support for the new Files app (native integration)

andreas16700 6 years ago in General 0

The new Files app in iOS is the all-in-one place for file managers and it’d make it really easy to transfer files.


Code Minimap (syntax highlighting would be a bonus)

BenjaminDSmithy 6 years ago in General 0

I would love to see a code minimap with syntax highlighting support make its way to Textastic especially for use on my iPad Pro 12.9inch 2nd-gen.

This will bring your app one step closer to desktop counterparts (Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio Code, etc.) and I’m sure will make a lot of power users who wish to stay mobile very happy :)

Under review

syntax highlighting for taskpaper

stz 6 years ago in General updated by boegh 4 years ago 3

thanks for this app! are there any plans for syntax highlighting for taskpaper? would be perfect working on files from taskpaper mobile. 


Compile and Run

Cameron Mitchell 10 years ago in General 0

If you could add the ability to compile and run code that would be awesome. That is the only thing holding this app back. I'm sure Apple makes this difficult if not impossible so if it isn't possible then thats okay. Love the app!


Web preview fullscreen mode.

Smet_IOS 12 years ago in General updated by Jarrod Oberto 11 years ago 1
I have found the web preview in Textastic to be perfect. I have discovered it will even play local mp4 files so I can create video portfolio websites that will play local HD files through HTML5 so I don't have to worry about an internet connection. The only thing that would make this even more perfect is having a full screen mode with the web preview. Then it would truly make a perfect presentation mode that will be able to play anywhere regardless of signal. Perhaps a 5 finger tap could exit fullscreen mode.