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syntax highlighting for taskpaper

stz 7 years ago in General updated by boegh 5 years ago 3

thanks for this app! are there any plans for syntax highlighting for taskpaper? would be perfect working on files from taskpaper mobile. 

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You can add custom syntax definitions to Textastic by using TextMate bundles. See

A quick search for "taskpaper tmbundle" in Google brought up this TextMate bundle which should work:


hi alexander, thank you for your reply and this solution.


I have just tried the above solution, and while Textastic seems to recognize the Taskpaper format (I can choose it under Syntax Definition, but it is also detected by Taskpaper on files with the extension .taskpaper), it does not seem to apply any highlighting. I've used the current version of the tmbundle, so things may have changed in the last two years.

So two questions, the first one of a more general character:

1. How do I debug/errorfind on a tmbundle in Textastic?

2. Does anyone work with the current (or any) taskpaper tmbundle in Textastic?