iOS underline for misspelled words with Auto-correction

Miguel Hernández 5 years ago in General updated by Kelly “STrRedWolf” Price 2 years ago 1

The growing adoption of Textastic brings new opportunities for applications in general writing.

The auto-correction option in Textastic allows the user to use the iOS spelling suggestions above the embedded keyboard, but greater functionality can be leveraged from the iOS spelling checker.

The idea: include the red underlined mark from the iOS spelling checker into the text editor when the auto-correct option is activated (or with an additional setting).

The benefit: Textastic would significantly enhance the functionality for users of plain text, latex files, taskpaper files, among others.


I’m for this. I’ve written a novel using Textastic on iOS and I have auto-correct (read: auto-dement) turned off as it usually mis-corrects (ie dements) the text I write.  It gets harder when you’re writing science fiction and it wants to auto-correct alternate pronouns.

I’d love to have a “Underline Spelling Issues” setting that we can set for certain mark-up languages.  Maybe have the setting ask for what formats to activate on.  When a word is detected as misspelled, red-dot underline it, and let a tap on the word present suggestions (or give it an option to see the suggestions).