Add markdown preview with custom css

Fabrice Moulin 6 years ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 1
Export markdown on pdf with sole personal css, And this soft Will perfect for me

Autocompletion/syntax highlighting for jQuery would be nice

Robert Crooks 6 years ago in General 0

The JavaScript support is already great, but help with the jQuery functions would be a big time-saver as well.


Universal app

György Mérei 7 years ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 3 years ago 4
Please make the app universal and not separate iPhone and iPad versions.
Under review

Add default markdown stylsheet that works for email

Mike Ware 7 years ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 years ago 0
It would be great to have the ability to save a style sheet that the Markdown processor would use for rendering without having to link it. If this could also be used when rendering for the "Send as Message" function it would be fantastic. So many times I need to send a formatted email from iOS. I can do this with TexTastic, but the default styles just don't work for me


AirPlay Support

j 5 years ago in General 0
It would be great to see some sort of enhanced AirPlay mirroring support for Textastic iOS. Some apps have the ability to change what you see on the iOS device screen when mirroring is turned on. This would allow Textastic to take advantage of the larger (TV) screen's real estate while using the iOS device for controls/keyboard only. Maybe this could allow for multiple editing panels (ie HTML and CSS side-by-side)?

Please add Julia to the list of supported languages

Richard Bailey 5 years ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 4
Lots of users - this would be very much appreciated!
Excellent app, by the way!!

7zip (7z) Support would be great!

Vitr 7 years ago in General • updated by kerrymanam 4 years ago 0
Please allow unzipping 7zip (.7z) files

Http server instead of plain webview

Dave Mackintosh 6 years ago in General 0

It would be great if you could implement something like cocoa http server instead of using a file path so when we're building web pages we can use the likes of less, angular, backbone which all currently won't work because of being a file path protocol and not a local web server.

To clarify further, having this ability also gives us the opportunity to have something similar to Codea's "Aircode" and to run Ajax requests in page, it will throw a security error at the moment because of not being a http protocol.


Use the new Dropbox sync API

Maurizio Manuguerra 7 years ago in General • updated by Rostislav Raykov 6 years ago 2

That would make sync painless for both the devs and the users.


Support for Multicursor (as seen in Sublime, Atom, VSCode)

ccssmnn 8 months ago in General 0

I would love to see Multicursor functionality similar to the one available in Sublime, Atom or VSCode. They improve productivity a lot and save a lot of double/triple typing or search and replace processes.