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.vue file syntax highlight

Aleksandr 6 years ago in General updated by Jeremy Dillworth 5 years ago 3

Is it possible to get a syntax hightlight in `.vue` files? 

A typical vuejs component file consist of:

<template></template> // html goes here

<script>export default{} </script> // javascript goes here

<style></style> // CSS goes here.

Is this possible? Every .vue file must have at least <style> tag. (Although for such a simple file we can just use html highlight). 

Under review

Is it enough to just select "XML" as the syntax definition? This won't highlight JavaScript though.

actually yes, this would work. It’s better with html, but yeah, doesn’t highlight the JavaScript much as well. Definitely better though, thanks


HTML works decently, but is there any plan to add explicit Vue file support?