Textastic is a text, code and markup editor for iPad and iPhone with rich support for syntax highlighting, FTP, SFTP and Dropbox. It will continue to be actively developed to provide you with the features you need to get your work done.

In order to achieve this, we would appreciate any and all feedback on challenges encountered when using Textastic.

Please also have a look at the manual.

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Under review

parinfer support for lisps

Wes M. 2 years ago in iPad • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 2 years ago 1

I realize this is probably a lot of work for a minority of users, but having parinfer support for Lisps (especially Clojure in my case) would make Textastic on iOS incredible. I could start using an iPad as my primary development environment.

I would happily contribute money towards this if it were possible to sponsor features.


Split screen so that multiple files can be edited side by side?

Andy Goundry 3 years ago in iPad • updated by Mel 11 months ago 4

Please can we have the ability to edit 2 or more files side by side? On iPad Pro this would work great.


Under review

Add the vertical lines such as on the image

George 3 months ago in iPad • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 3 months ago 1
Under review

Add Split View to View Design and Code Side by Side

Andrew Dickens 5 years ago in iPad • updated by Andy Goundry 3 years ago 4

As a web developer, I would love to see a feature in the next future update that adds a "split view" so that I can see the design of the website on one side while I code it on the other.  I use Adobe Dreamweaver on my Mac and it has a feature like this.  I use Textastic when coding from my iPad and I would love to see a feature like this.


ftp folder sync

Chris Richardson 6 years ago in iPad • updated by Karl Semich 2 years ago 7

Not sure whether this is a question or a feature request but here goes:

My workflow; sftp server (mac-mini) files to ipad, edit using textastic, upload changes to server and run against node using ssh and the prompt app. test the changes using ios safari.

The part that works less well for me is trying to keep the server in sync. Is there an easy way to manage [added|deleted] [files|folders]? I am thinking a sync button which i can associate with a folder and it uses the local copy as the master (only local changes occur).

If this isn't currently possible then might i suggest a queue of pending ftp commands which watches for local changes? This could be managed by setting a folder as a "project" and then the "project" button could show a list of projects with an option to upload or download (completely replace local copy). 

A spin off of this could be the ability to launch the preview browser in remote mode at the index.html of the project. This would save me app switching.

Or do i have the workflow all wrong?


What's new in Textastic 5.0?

Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago in iPad • updated 5 years ago 1
  • new user interface designed to match iOS 7
  • added syntax definitions for Arduino, Batch files, Clojure, Fountain, and Go
  • UI themes: blue, gray, and black
  • dark keyboard support
  • new external keyboard shortcuts:
    • Cmd-N: create new file/folder
    • Cmd-F: toggle find/replace
    • Cmd-W: close current file
    • Alt-Cmd-P: toggle preview
    • Alt-Cmd-I: toggle file properties popover
    • Alt-Cmd-T: toggle symbol list popover
    • Alt-Cmd-Up Arrow: upload current file
    • Alt-Cmd-Down Arrow: download current file
    • Cmd-I: toggle italics (works in Markdown and HTML files)
    • Cmd-B: toggle boldface (works in Markdown and HTML files)
    • Cmd-U: toggle underline (works in HTML files)
  • redesigned theme selection:
    • There’s now a preview image on the left side of each theme. This is generated on demand using the current font settings and also works with custom themes.
    • Changed sort order: light themes are now displayed before dark themes.
  • added an option to hide the column/line information
  • Textastic now clears the url cache when the application starts. This allows you to clear outdated server responses when using the remote preview feature by restarting the app.
  • updated TextExpander SDK - you can now refresh snippets from the settings screen
  • updated Dropbox SDK
  • fixed a regular expression search issue when searching for escaped strings like “\n”
  • fixed crashes that could happen when a hardware keyboard is used
  • fixed VoiceOver issues
  • fixed line ending issues when sending text files as an email attachment
  • many, many other minor bug fixes
Version 5.0
Under review

More keyboard combinations!

Aleksandar Palic 6 years ago in iPad • updated by Brian Bragg 3 years ago 5

Is it possible to add a more event listeners for external keyboards? Maybe something like cmd+tab to switch between recent files so one don't has to move away his hand from the keyboard for switching. Would improve production significantly.


Please add the support of an embedded web browser.

Shu Li 6 years ago in iPad 0

There are two many times that I have to refer to the web for information and answers. But switching between apps constantly is such a pain. Please consider  to add an embedded web browser for online reference. And it would be great if bookmark, tab-view is supported.


Optionally show symbols list in left hand pane

Jan Jakob Bornheim 6 years ago in iPad 0

It would be great to switch the content of the left hand pane to display the go-to symbols of the currently open file rather than the file list. I realise I can see the symbols list as a hover-over list by touching the symbol but if attached to the left pane it could be permanently open while I have the iPad in landscape mode. 

Under review

Have dark themes change the top bar that's visible during editor to be darker/user customizable.

Jason Marsh 6 years ago in iPad • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 0

Subject pretty much says it all, I think the app is great as it is but when using a dark theme the brightness of that lone bar up top is a bit distracting - perhaps it could be adjusted in tone or something?  Thanks :)