Find and replace in a whole project

Giacomo Lawrance 8 years ago in iPad updated by benjamino 5 years ago 1

It would be great if you could replace certain code with edited code in the whole project


Epub zipping

waynewongrj 8 years ago in iPad 0


I use Textastic regularly, and I’m a big fan.

Lately, I have been working on EPUB files, which need to be zipped in a particular way, with the mimetype file remaining uncompressed. Details are discussed here:

ePub Zip/Unzip AppleScript application for Mac OS X

This complex EPUB zipping currently requires me to use a Mac/PC app or command line to accomplish it. However, if Textastic could build it in as an action that could be performed on a folder like regular zipping, then Textastic could be used as a basic EPUB code editor on an iOS device. That would be great for those who need to edit the code of an EPUB when a Mac/PC is not available. It would also make Textastic even more unique in the App Store!

Under review

Font selection like in Ulysses app

Marek 8 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 1

Please take a look how font selection works in the Ulysses app on iPad. Without any problem I can use there my favorite monospace font 'Operator' http://www.typography.com/blog/introducing-operator I would like to have this possibility in Textastic as well. Please make it possible to choose any font from ones installed on iPad. Many thanks

Under review

Add shortcut for copy, cut and paste

Guy Ozery 12 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 5


First of all, I downloaded your app couple of month ago but only now started working with it and its great!

One really annoying thing I encounter many time is the ability to copy paste selections. 

The main problem is if I use the arrows to move in the code I then long press on the text in order to receive the copy paste dialog, many time I miss the exact location and start all over again. 

You have many useful shortcuts above the keyboard but copy, paste and cut in my opinion is the most important one. 

As programmers we always copy and paste code from place to place. 

Please consider adding those shortcuts somewhere... maybe on the floating control (even if real-estate is the concern, add it as a possibility in the configuration... It can save so much time and effort when programming on the iPad without external keyboard) 

Many thanks,



Selecting text without keyboard.

Pavel Nikolajev 11 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 1

When I select text and keyboard is hidden I can only "copy" and "select all". 

I would prefer to have "cut" option as well. Maybe even all the same options as when keyboard is shown.



An organiser for saving regex snippets.

Aboutime Today 12 years ago in iPad 0

Great product and having regex is indispensible. Would be even more brill if had an organiser to save regex snippets for re use.


Add Responsive design mode to built in preview

Jaime Ledesma 4 years ago in iPad 0

Would be nice to add, to the built-in preview, a responsive design mode for mobile phones with the ability to scale the view port by dragging the corners.


Keep Server Running

VILLMER 4 years ago in iPad 0

keep the local server running until the page is closed or another page is opened.
Tired of seeing  “Safari cannot open the page because be use it could not connect to the server” 500 times a day.



VILLMER 4 years ago in iPad updated 4 years ago 0

PLEASE Add an option to automatically clear the search box when opening it. Having to constantly clear the prior search query EVERY time is a real drag!


MultiMarkdown File Transclusion

Dany Gauthier 6 years ago in iPad updated 2 years ago 4

In Textastic manual, I saw that Textastic uses MultiMarkdown library for previewing Markdown.

When looking at the MultiMarkdown syntax guide, there is something called "Transclusion":


Unfortunately, when I use Textastic for iOS, I am unable to make transclusion work.

I do not know which MultiMarkdown version is used by Textastic, but I do know that feature exists since at least version 4:


I would really like file transclusion to work. For example, I would set all my links inside one file, and reference it from my other files. Or, I would put reusable content in some files and reference them from other files. Or I would create one file per chapter and reference all chapters from a main markdown file. etc. etc.

Is file transclusion something that have been tought about? Is it something that can be enabled?


Textastic 9.8.7 now uses MultiMarkdown 6 and supports file transclusion: 

Use {{some_other_file.md}} in a Markdown file to include other Markdown files.

See https://fletcher.github.io/MultiMarkdown-6/syntax/transclusion.html for details.