Support for .master and .scss / .sass file extension

James Lock 7 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 years ago 1


Built int support for DotNET .master files (same as aspx) would be great, as well as .scss and .sass files.  I currently have downloaded some 3rd party textmate bundles to do this, but would be great to have in-built support.



Under review

SendCode from Editor to Terminal. Shortcut for this?

rmbowers 4 weeks ago in iPad updated 5 days ago 2

Wonderful software! I am having fun leaning to use my ipad as an alternative to my macpro for some computing.

Question: How to implement two Sublime Text 3 packages, "SendCode" and "SublimeREPL"

Purpose: (of which there may already be a shortcut for) would be to highlight a block of text in an editor (usually R or Python), then use some shortcut (Cmd + E) to send code to the currently open terminal. Is this already possible? If not, would there be a way to use specifically the SendCode package for Sublime Text 3 in Textastic? I have already copied the two SendCode and SublimeREPL directories to my #Textastic directory, but have run Reload Customizations, but to no avail. I can get theme files to work properly, but am not able to correctly implement Sublime packages. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Keep Server Running

VILLMER 4 months ago in iPad 0

keep the local server running until the page is closed or another page is opened.
Tired of seeing  “Safari cannot open the page because be use it could not connect to the server” 500 times a day.



VILLMER 4 months ago in iPad updated 4 months ago 0

PLEASE Add an option to automatically clear the search box when opening it. Having to constantly clear the prior search query EVERY time is a real drag!


Quick access to opened tabs on external keyboard

ShadeHunter 2 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 1 year ago 1
It would be amazing, if we could simply switch between opened tabs using keyboard shortcuts. For example CMD+1 would be first opened tab, CMD+2 second, and so on. Currenlty those shortcuts are not used for anything and this would be a perfect usage for them. 

The currenlty used shortcut for switching tabs (CTRL+TAB) is not so handy, you have to move the left hand to press it and if you have more tabs you have to press it multiple times. "CMD + 1-9" would be much more convenient.

Thank you for your great work :) 
Under review

ESCape key in SSH terminal with external keyboard (Apple Keyboard)

sylvoie 2 years ago in iPad updated by Andrei 2 years ago 3

First, I want to thank you for version 7 of Textastic. It’s the best editor on iPad, and I like it.

I use Textastic’s SSH terminal that is very good. My only concern is the ESC key with an external keyboard. Sometimes, I need to use VI to edit a file. I don’t use the additional keys bar, this bar take too much space on screen. I don’t have an ESC key on my external keyboard.

I used an other SSH terminal before version 7. I was using a very cool fonctionnality where to ESCape in VI, you only have to touch the screen two times with one finger. Is-it possible to add something like that in SSH terminal to ESC?



How i can get rails snippet in Textastic

Jean Carlo Schechnner 2 years ago in iPad 0

I wanna have snippets like TextMate, it’s possible

Under review

Distraction free mode

minoskt 2 years ago in iPad updated 2 years ago 2


Your iOS editor is amazing and by far the best in iOS.

I was wandering if it would be possible to support a “Distraction Free Mode”, similar to what Sublime has in macOS. I use Textastic for Latex writing in iOS and would be perfect if you could limit the max column size allowed and keep the text in the middle of the screen.

Thank you

Under review

Preview HTML while editing (In a split view - not full screen)

Adamitude 3 years ago in iPad updated 3 years ago 8

Currently I edit HTML on my iPad split view and open the same Dropbox file in textastic and Dropbox and use Dropbox to see a live refresh of what I’m doing. It’s great but not perfect as there is a delay. Would be nice if textastic could do both, as it merely shows a preview in full screen. Thanks!


Find and Replace ADD all open Docs functions

tony.schaefer333 3 years ago in iPad 0

I would love you to add a function to the find and replace option. Add the option to find and replace in all open docs. For ipad Pro 12.9 iOS11.1
That would almost make this app perfect.