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Quick open a file

Rahoul Baruah 7 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 years ago 10

If I open a git repo via Working Copy (or maybe in the future if I mount an SFTP folder - maybe via Transmit?) - is there any chance of something similar to TextMate/Sublime/Atom's Cmd-T function (or the Ctrl-P plugin in Vim)?

So I can type in part of a filename and it locates all matches within that directory and I can pick the one I want. As I do a lot of Rails work I often have to jump between different files in different parts of the tree - so being able to search aviecustinde which then matches to app/views/customers/index.html.erb is a massive time saver.

Under review

I already have this implemented in the Mac version of Textastic and I do plan to add it to iOS eventually. I'm just not sure about the UI - i.e. were to put a button to invoke it in addition to a keyboard shortcut. Suggestions are welcome! :)

Thanks for the quick reply.

Personally, binding to Cmd-T would be perfect.

As for non-external keyboard users - my immediate thought is to change the "recent files" button to an "open files" button, which happens to show the list ofrecent files, as well as the search box.

Thanks! I'll think about it.

I’d love this feature, it’s the lack of a feature like this in any iOS code editor that prevents me from using the platform for development more often.

This would really allow me to fly on Textastic too!

The WorkingCopy integration is awesome (Thank you!!!!). The only downside is how much it makes me wish for a quick open mechanism :)

I vote Cmd+P - Cmd+T has too much muscle memory for new tab.

What do you think about Cmd-Shift-O - that's the one used by Xcode and Textastic for Mac. I want to reserve Cmd-P for printing.

I like it! A lot!

It's surprising Option wasn't used in place of Shift, seems more conventional for an alternate open mode. If Xcode and Textastic Mac use Cmd-Shift-O lets roll with that.

PS - is there a need for a UI button? It's a pretty power user feature. Is there a button for this on Textastic Mac?

PPS - who is printing their source code?! :)

This will very helpful productively

I’d absolutely love this feature, yes please! I am very not used to navigating code through the tree structure anymore, so this will be super helpful, if it works with document providers. 🙂

I'd love to support document providers for this, but unfortunately that's not possible.

I can only show the system UI to browse locations like in the Files app and it's only possible to access the files the user opens through the document picker. I do not have access to the directory tree outside of the files that are selected for security reasons.