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ESCape key in SSH terminal with external keyboard (Apple Keyboard)

sylvoie 6 years ago in iPad updated by Andrei 6 years ago 3

First, I want to thank you for version 7 of Textastic. It’s the best editor on iPad, and I like it.

I use Textastic’s SSH terminal that is very good. My only concern is the ESC key with an external keyboard. Sometimes, I need to use VI to edit a file. I don’t use the additional keys bar, this bar take too much space on screen. I don’t have an ESC key on my external keyboard.

I used an other SSH terminal before version 7. I was using a very cool fonctionnality where to ESCape in VI, you only have to touch the screen two times with one finger. Is-it possible to add something like that in SSH terminal to ESC?


Under review

Currently, you either need an external keyboard with an Escape key (for example Apple's Magic Keyboard) or use the additional row of keys on the on-screen keyboard.

I'll consider adding a gesture.

Could we map ESC to some other key? Like in Blink ssh client they allow you to map CapsLock to function as ESC, which is very handy.

Thank you to consider and hoping that will be in the next release. An other suggestion in fingers gesture, swipe left/right pass from a tab to an other! I think it will be a great feature and powerfull.