Files not syncing with iCloud

Elliott 9 years ago in iPad updated by mlaurencg4 8 years ago 8
My files have stopped syncing with iCloud on my iPad. I've been working on my files with textastic on my MacBook Pro but the new files aren't updating on my iPad. It updates on my iPhone app and desktop

please can you advise how I can fix this?
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Hello, can you please try to reboot your devices? Sometimes it can fix issues like that (unfortunately).
This worked the first time but since then it's started doing it again and I've rebooted twice and no luck?

Does it work again? Sometimes the iCloud servers do have a hiccup and it starts to work again after some time.

Under review for 10 months? what is the relationship between my Textastic for Mac and my (possibly new version 6) Textastic for iOS (iPad Pro 12.7; iOS 9.3.5). I hope the answer is iCloud.

You should see a folder called "Textastic" in iCloud Drive on your Mac, on the Web at icloud.com and in the iCloud Drive app on your iOS device. Files in this folder will show up in the "iCloud" location (below "Local Files") in Textastic for iOS. Files you put there will be automatically synced to all your devices that are logged in to the same iCloud Drive account.

appears that Textastic version 6 is necessary for iCloud sync and continued editing on the Mac. Is that correct?

(currently have 5.3.1)

It works just the same in Textastic 5.3.1. Textastic 6 is not required.

Got it. thanks!