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Add shortcut for copy, cut and paste

Guy Ozery 12 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 5


First of all, I downloaded your app couple of month ago but only now started working with it and its great!

One really annoying thing I encounter many time is the ability to copy paste selections. 

The main problem is if I use the arrows to move in the code I then long press on the text in order to receive the copy paste dialog, many time I miss the exact location and start all over again. 

You have many useful shortcuts above the keyboard but copy, paste and cut in my opinion is the most important one. 

As programmers we always copy and paste code from place to place. 

Please consider adding those shortcuts somewhere... maybe on the floating control (even if real-estate is the concern, add it as a possibility in the configuration... It can save so much time and effort when programming on the iPad without external keyboard) 

Many thanks,


Iphone version offers only copy, no cut. How do I rearrange sections?

When the keyboard is not up, the editor is in read-only mode so you only get options that don't change the text. Tap on the editor to bring up the keyboard, then select text. Now you should get "Cut" and "Paste" options.

This is the same behavior as in Apple's Notes app.

I’d like to see this as well. It would be cool if there were alternate options for the shortcut keys above the standard keyboard, since iOS 11 gives much easier access for the number keys and some of the symbols, so some of those could be replaced with clipboard shortcuts and whatnot.

On iOS 11 on iPad, you can enable the shortcut bar in Textastic's settings which shows buttons for copy, cut and paste. Unfortunately it takes away a lot of space, so it is disabled by default.