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Add Split View to View Design and Code Side by Side

Andrew Dickens 11 years ago in iPad updated by Neo Ighodaro 3 years ago 7

As a web developer, I would love to see a feature in the next future update that adds a "split view" so that I can see the design of the website on one side while I code it on the other.  I use Adobe Dreamweaver on my Mac and it has a feature like this.  I use Textastic when coding from my iPad and I would love to see a feature like this.

Instead of just a split view, I also wish can have option to able to view it mobile & regular pc view. Recently I created a Responsive Web Design code which easy to let me customer browsing using their mobile (cell or tablet) or PC. So far I do not see any app. can have this feature, it is Textastic app. have this feature? Please let me know it. Many thanks.
I also support this idea, with the addition that I would prefer the code / web views to be one above the other, if an external keyboard is connected. That way one would see the website in full-width. Another option could be to view the website on an external screen connected, while having the code open on the internal screen (AirPlay screen feature). Cheers!

I'd also like the ability to edit 2 text files side by side, or even have the same file opened in 2 separate parts of the app's windo

iPad Pro allows this

You can already do this by using iPadOS' Split View and "Preview in Safari" in Textastic. 

A screenshot of this is in the manual at https://www.textasticapp.com/v10/manual/viewing_editing_files/web_preview.html#preview-in-safari


thats what i meant