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More keyboard combinations!

Aleksandar Palic 12 years ago in iPad updated by Brian Bragg 9 years ago 5

Is it possible to add a more event listeners for external keyboards? Maybe something like cmd+tab to switch between recent files so one don't has to move away his hand from the keyboard for switching. Would improve production significantly.

No, sorry, there is no API in iOS to register custom shortcuts. A list of supported shortcuts can be found at http://www.textasticapp.com/v4/manual/lessons/Which_keyboard_shortcuts_can_I_use_with_an_external_hardware_keyboard.html

I'm assuming this is longer the case since now there are useful shortcuts for toggling preview, etc. I would like to request one additional shortcut for toggling the recent files list popover. As well, it would be really cool to be able to select items in the recent files & symbol lists with the up/down arrow keys, like in the Mail app when selecting an addressee from the contacts popover.
I would love to see more external keyboard shortcuts as well. It's such time killer to keep touching the screen. 

Is there a way to at least get a page up/down functionality? 

Under review
Text view commands like cursor movements or page up/down is completely handled by the iOS text input subsystem. If you try it in Pages for example, you will see that it doesn't support page up/down either (correct me if I'm wrong).
Can we get a Go To [line number] function? What a pain it is to finger-scroll down 2500 lines in a file of code! How about bookmarks, at least? You've said Page-Up and Page-Down are not possible; will Apple not ever implement these commands, which have been available in its desktop systems for decades? Do you have any input/clout with Apple concerning basic needs like this?