What's new in Textastic 5.0?

Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago in iPad updated 10 years ago 1
  • new user interface designed to match iOS 7
  • added syntax definitions for Arduino, Batch files, Clojure, Fountain, and Go
  • UI themes: blue, gray, and black
  • dark keyboard support
  • new external keyboard shortcuts:
    • Cmd-N: create new file/folder
    • Cmd-F: toggle find/replace
    • Cmd-W: close current file
    • Alt-Cmd-P: toggle preview
    • Alt-Cmd-I: toggle file properties popover
    • Alt-Cmd-T: toggle symbol list popover
    • Alt-Cmd-Up Arrow: upload current file
    • Alt-Cmd-Down Arrow: download current file
    • Cmd-I: toggle italics (works in Markdown and HTML files)
    • Cmd-B: toggle boldface (works in Markdown and HTML files)
    • Cmd-U: toggle underline (works in HTML files)
  • redesigned theme selection:
    • There’s now a preview image on the left side of each theme. This is generated on demand using the current font settings and also works with custom themes.
    • Changed sort order: light themes are now displayed before dark themes.
  • added an option to hide the column/line information
  • Textastic now clears the url cache when the application starts. This allows you to clear outdated server responses when using the remote preview feature by restarting the app.
  • updated TextExpander SDK - you can now refresh snippets from the settings screen
  • updated Dropbox SDK
  • fixed a regular expression search issue when searching for escaped strings like “\n”
  • fixed crashes that could happen when a hardware keyboard is used
  • fixed VoiceOver issues
  • fixed line ending issues when sending text files as an email attachment
  • many, many other minor bug fixes
Version 5.0
Here are some screenshots of the new version of Textastic for iPad: