Custom code definitions

RaianStar 7 years ago in General updated 7 years ago 2
I know we have this, but I don't know how to create one.  If we had access to the existing definition files, we could reverse engineer them and make our own without the need to create tutorials and such.

i.e. I don't like that HTML5 inserts <br /> instead of <br>.  That's HTML 4 code.  I also prefer tab over double space.  If I could see what currently exists as a default, and could edit it and save it as a custom template, that would be really useful to me.

Creating a file on dropbox

Robert Colvin 5 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 2
Hi! maybe i missed this one, but is it possible to create a new file on dropbox or do you have to create the flie externally and then open it in dropbox?

Run javascript files

Austin Koziol 6 years ago in General 0
Coders should be able to run and test their javascript files so they can swiftly find bugs and debug the code.
Under review

Ability to download file from website

Billy Moon 6 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 1
I would love to have an easy way to save files from the internet into the editor. Perhaps when making a new file in textastic, have a `loaded from url` field, which downloads the content from the web before opening the new file.

I would use this feature most with cdnjs, and it would be useful for github also.
Under review

Fortran syntax highlighting of comments is bogus

Luc Bourhis 7 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 years ago 4

In Fortran, any line starting with a star is a comment line. Textastic does not honour that as exemplified by the following example.

Note how Fortran keywords are highlighted, clearly showing Textastic believes this is regular code instead of a comment block. It gets however worse the comment features one lone single quote:

Textastic believes that the single quote starts a string and it highlights everything following it as a string. Not shown on this picture but the string highlighting only stops at the very end of the file about 300 lines further down!

As a result, Textatic Fortran syntax highlighting is unusable in practice.

Under review

Textastic already has a Move: add ability to move to iCloud!

fjpoblam 6 years ago in General updated 6 years ago 5
I've purchased Textastic for all my Apple devices—iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Mini, and MacBook Pro. It'd certainly be nice, on the go, to be able to use the advantage of iCloud to update my many files "in unison" without having to FTP-download updates to locally-stored files! I'd move all those local files to iCloud. However, currently, I see Move, but I see no way to specify iCloud as the target. Add it!

Are JSHint TextMate bundles supported?

Maurice Zoliker 6 years ago in General updated 6 years ago 2
I was searching how to add JSHint support to Textastic, and wondered if those TextMate bundles are/may/will be supported in Textastic:(from http://www.jshint.com/install/):
- https://github.com/natesilva/jshint-external.tmbun...
Thanks for your insight!
Kind regards,

Support for Microcontrollers Pic and AVR

Brandon Ruiz Vasquez 6 years ago in General 0
The C and assembly Languages work great, but it would be nice to have support for libraries from Microcontrollers. I've never seen that in the AppStore so you'll be the first one to have this feature.
Under review

J Query

Mark Barbaric 6 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 1
Hi Guys,

I was just wondering what is the best way to load J Query onto websites I am working on in Textastic. I have heard that a specific file is needed to compensate for lack of mouse when coding on an iPad or iPhone. Otherwise I think that the app is brilliant.



Under review

HTML tags parsed and interpreted even in inline scripts

Omar Reidgrai 5 years ago in General updated 5 years ago 4

I have found a bug where html tags are interpreted within inline javascript and php, when they should be ignored. This is problematic if you have any closing tags contained in an inline script.

For example:

Because the script closing tag in the string is interpreted , it will close the script tag early, and break the rest of the code as well as writing it all over the document. This can quite easily be countered by escaping the closing tag with a backslash, but that is inconvenient when dealing with large inline scripts.