Add a file association for .tsx files

Jamesmanone 3 years ago in iPhone 0

Add a file association for .tsx files so we can open react/typescript files from iCloud 

Under review

Adding a new file in an SFTP remote causes it to be uploaded to the parent directory

robl 3 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 3 years ago 1

I have added a new remote (SFTP - SSH connection) and then downloaded that to a local directory  in textastic (Remote->Select Directory->Download).  When I add a new file in the local directory in textastic and then sync that back to the remote server (Local->Select File->Upload), the file is created in the parent directory on the remote server.

Under review

So far I love it. However can’t navigate up from Dropbox folders

Larry Seyer 4 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 4 years ago 1

I use Dropbox for all code. 

I can navigate down into deep folders but I can’t navigate up one folder. 

Under review

Webdav bug

Нездешний 4 years ago in iPhone updated 3 years ago 3

Textastic don't recognize different accounts on the same webdav server
For example:
User: example@yandex.ru
Password: 123456
User: example2@yandex.ru
Password: 654321
It opens the same account

Tested on Yandex and Cloud.mail.ru webdav servers.


Several bugs

Нездешний 4 years ago in iPhone updated 3 years ago 8

Textexpander snippets is triggered only after the second time, when I run Textasic at first time.

There is simple snippet that paste text from clipboard by triggering  on double tap at #

Also strange behaviour of code completion popup

Part of code completion popup is hiding

iPhone SE iOS 11 Textastic 6.4.3


All issues mentioned here will hopefully be fixed in the next beta version.

Under review

Upload to Dropbox and GDrive fails

Steve Knoblock 4 years ago in iPhone updated 4 years ago 2

For about three weeks now uploads to Dropbox and GDrive fail. I have not been able to back up my files there since.

Under review

Textastic adds .txt extension to TaskPaper-Files on edit

jscholtes 4 years ago in iPhone updated 4 years ago 3

when i open a TaskPaper file test.taskpaper via the new ios11 Files App ,

the file is recognized as plain/text and after edit the file is renamed to test.taskpaper.txt.

This is really annoying


iPhone X UI Issues

Ara Adkins 4 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 4 years ago 3

While the UI functions fine there are a couple of visual issues with Textastic on the iPhone X when editing a file:

  1. The addon keyboard does not span the width of the entire screen, making it fairly difficult to touch.
  2. The top of the screen features a grey bar (though in practice this is mostly hid under the notch). 

Please see the image below for a depiction of both issues. 

Not a bug

Custom template not showing up in template list

Jake Rayson 4 years ago in iPhone updated 4 years ago 3

I followed the instructions for creating a custom template on Textastic 6.4.1 on an iPhone 6 10.3.3. It's a Markdown template for my static site generator, using Front Matter, in a file called fm.json. It is saved in a folder in Local Files called #Textastic/Templates

However, after restarting Textastic, the template isn't appearing in the list :(

Any ideas why? Many thanks, Jake

  "uuid": "E3435C11-14CF-4DE6-A0D8-EE5ADC2F0D5C",
  "category": "Markdown",
  "templates": [
      "name": "Frontmatter",
      "fileExtension": "md",
      "snippet": "---
date: DATE
layout: post.hbs
collections: posts
draft: true


Unable to open Working Copy folders in Textastic

Ara Adkins 4 years ago in iPhone updated by EFlynn 3 years ago 16

The combination of the latest Textastic version (6.4, iOS) and the latest update to Working Copy (3.1.0) it is now impossible to pick folders for inclusion at the top level on iPhone. While it is possible to drag and drop on the iPad, there is no equivalent solution for iPhone.

It's a big workflow damper for making broader changes across repos as the picker in Files can be quite slow in larger repositories (not that this is your issue).