Should remember scrolled position in settings

Jean-Philippe Leconte 10 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 0

If you change settings often (I often change tabs and word wrap), having to scroll back to the usually same setting is tiresome. Additionally, remembering the scrolled position in themes would also make it a lot faster to test them all.


Iphone code folding?

Tom Kelly 10 years ago in iPhone 0
Large docs require ways to reorganize sections. Iphone code folding? Outline rearrange? Thanks. Cut and paste doesn't cut it.


Milon 1 year ago in iPhone updated 1 year ago 1

Hello there,

Today's post is just a funny one. I'll be releasing different types of themes for the community. I'll update this post regularly to add new theme's every now and then. Feel free to suggest themes!

How to add themes? Go to your Textastic app, open the local files > create a new folder name the folder #Textastic (make sure it's exactly named like that else it won't work!) add a file into the folder named (you may choose the name as long as the file extension is ends with) .tmTheme 

Theme's are below: 

Notepad theme:



diaotida 4 years ago in iPhone 0

Does it support python3.6 ?

Under review

Text zoom with automatic text reflow

victordomingos 6 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 1

When zooming text with the pinching gesture with two fingers, it should automatically adjust text position to match the screen edges and automatically reflow text to fit them. This is specially important on iPhone, as the screen space is very limited. It could be an option in the settings, to allow both ways. 

The desired behaviour can be found, for instance, in an app named Permanote (formerly Nebulous Notes). You pinch the screen and the text adjusts its size and fits the screen, fowing in realtime.

Under review

x-callback-url support for downloading/uploading (already mapped) files

Sha1 9 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 9 years ago 0
Is it possible to add x-callback-url support for downloading and uploading files that were already mapped to a remote? An example workflow would be: open textastic using openurl and paste the clipboard into the file (this functionality already exists) and when done upload the file to the remote. Similar workflow for downloading - open textastic and automatically download the latest version from the remote...


Support SwipeSelection

Steven Lu 8 years ago in iPhone 0
SwipeSelection used to work on iOS6 with textastic, but currently, on my iPhone 6+ with iOS8.1, the Textastic app doesn't fully work with SwipeSelection Pro (a Cydia tweak) -- it allows you to swipe back and forth across only about two characters. 

Hopefully you can take a look and see if this is an issue that can be fixed. 

Even better, if it can be supported natively by the app. There was a concern raised here (http://feedback.textasticapp.com/topic/114900-swipe-selection/) about special characters, but the way to deal with that is to just disable the swipe functionality when the key has been held, so that both features can be used together.

Bug report: Data Correctness: Find and Replace using RegEx: Removes chars that should not be removed.

Jimmy Luo 2 weeks ago in iPhone updated 2 weeks ago 2


  • Item type: Bug
  • Priority (reporter): 1
  • Severity (reporter): 4
  • Bug Type: Data Correctness
  • Product: Textastic on iOS
  • Feature: Find and Replace using RegEx
  • Issue: Removes chars that should not be removed.

Repro Steps

  • Document: string Su 3.5\nMon 6.3\nTues 3.9
  • Find: RegEx [ A-z]
  • Replace: empty string

Expected: string 3.5\n6.3\n3.9

Actual: string 3.5\n6.3\n.9

Under review

preview in safari doesn’t work on iphone

brx 6 months ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 months ago 1

as in the subject, the button “Preview in Safari “ doesn’t do anything on iphone.

Under review

preview in landscape

brx 6 months ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 months ago 3

Preview on iPhone only works in portrait mode, it could be good if it could switch also in landscape