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Extra row keys.

FurryFox23 11 months ago in iPhone updated 11 months ago 3

The extra row of keys get in the way of the better keyboard in textfinity which has all the same keys plus much more and has fast and precise positioning of the text cursor. Can you add the option to disable the extra keys above the keyboard on iOS like we can on iPad.

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I'd love to have a way to mark parts of the code for future reference.

deivse 12 months ago in iPhone 0

I'd love to have a way to mark parts of the code for future reference, like highlighting words in an ebook reader. This would be useful when looking for bugs/parts of the code where there's room for improvement, to later fix the code on a PC.


Ability to reload modified files

James S 1 year ago in iPhone 0

I'm using Textastic to view and modify text files stored on a cloud drive (pCloud), which is generally working well. However, if I have a file open in Textastic and modify it from another computer, one of the following happens:

  • In some cases, the open tab just closes
  • In other cases, the file remains open, but doesn't refresh with the modified version of the file

I can work around this by re-opening the closed tab, or by closing and re-opening the Textastic app.

I'd prefer if the tab didn't close, but a message appeared stating the file has changed, and asking if I want to reload it. Alternatively, just a menu option to reload the current file would be a reasonable solution.


Keyboard Accelerators for Find Next/Previous?

Dan 2 years ago in iPhone 0

Cmd-G/Cmd-Shift-G for find next/previous would be nice.  I’m having trouble learning Cmd-F Down Return.

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SSH Files not showing in folder

almarzouq 2 years ago in iPhone updated 2 years ago 2

I have an issue and I am not sure how to solve it. I have a py and js file saved in sub sub (many sub) folders. When I access it via SSH the py and js files do not show but other folders show.

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Broken Translation

Milon 2 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 2 years ago 11

Hey there, 

I have had this issue for about a month by now. I'm trying to fix it but it's not working. I changed my phone's language to spanish a time ago. After changing it back to English I saw textastic was having an issue fixing the language. Could you please help?

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Can the cursor key stay when you click the “esc” key

Kwc coin 2 years ago in iPhone 0

Can the cursor key stay when you click the “esc” key so one can push it a few times instead of swipe the small keys, under vim you need cursor keys in insert mode a lot; thanks for consideration


Hallo, Positionierung von padding und margin etc wird in der App nicht richtig angezeigt

gruenfinkoscar 2 years ago in iPhone 0

IPhone 6s +
Positions with margin padding etc not correct. Also the whole site seems to be wrong positioned(too small)

When I test my code on other editors it shows correctly.



Milon 2 years ago in iPhone 0


Would it be possible to let us create custom widgets with our own code? Example: Make a widget and add our custom html code in to design stuff y'know. I'd love to have this if this was possible!

~Milon, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holiday!

Under review

Shortcut File

Milon 2 years ago in iPhone updated 2 years ago 11


Add a folder from textastic with files you can select to be there, these will include this feature. Make siri shortcuts get file context from the selected file of textastic using icloud. Thanks, sorry if this was badly explained!

Now a idea, let us ajust the themes on this website for our self if possible, thanks also! ^-^