Add support for VoiceOver

TonyMay KG (kg6sxy) 4 weeks ago in iPhone 0

The current release barely works with VoiceOver.  If you slide your finger over the text in an open document, VoiceOver will read what is under your finger but as soon as you lift your finger, the focus moves somewhere else outside the document. I have yet to find a simple plain text editor that works well with VoiceOver on iPhone. 


When scrolling to the right, fix the gutter on the screen

Snipercat 2 months ago in iPhone 0

I would love to be able to always see the line numbers

Under review

Support for downloading and viewing files beginning with a dot

afaninthehouse 3 months ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 3 months ago 1

Textastic doesn't view files that begin with a dot.

Also if I download 2 files with the same name that both start with a dot, upon attemtping to view (or edit) the second file, it goes back to trying to edit the first file.


HTML & CSS Files Not Linking

Chuzzlewits 6 months ago in iPhone updated 6 months ago 2

I’m unable to get these files to link in the app, although I’m not having the same issue in VS Code on my Mac & PC. Any ideas much appreciated.

 Sorry about the pic, for some reason I’m unable to paste the code from the app into this form. 

Image 540

Image 541Image 542


Textastic freezes and then crashes when opening html files

Нездешний 7 months ago in iPhone updated 7 months ago 13

Textastic freezes and then crashes when opening html files. Latest Textastic beta. iOS 17.1 beta


Ability to create a blank new tab / buffer

phgmacedo 7 months ago in iPhone 0

To create a new file, textastic requires that I set the filename, and other templates. 

However, it is not uncommon for editors to allow users to open a tab/buffer where they can immediatelly type in, and then only later when and if saving defining a filename. 

This would be extremely useful for instance when exposed to Shortcuts. 

Under review

Move the (…) button to the bottom toolbar for easier access

phgmacedo 7 months ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 months ago 1

I use share and copy actions more frequently than Settings. 


How to do cursor navigation in SSH Terminal on iPhone?

Texited 9 months ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 9 months ago 3

Hi! Great app!

I love using mc (midnight commander) in my terminal.

Is there any way to press and hold a cursor to navigate through the files.

With help of the "ESC / Cursor" Buttom i'm ony able to do one cursor movement at a time.

Unfortunatelly I found nothing in the manual about that.

The Navigation Wheel is iPad/Editor only!?


Support .RAR Archives

d 10 months ago in iPhone 0

Can you add UnRAR Support for .RAR Archives?

7-Zip, .tar.xz would also be great if not supported already 



Error FTP Upload in unicode UTF-8 time out

Bastian von Linge 1 year ago in iPhone 0

I cant upload files in UTF-8.

I have some html files on a webserver, wrong formated as latin-1. I download, edit and format them as utf-8. When I want to upload these files I get a time out. But not all of the new formated files. If I upload these files formated as latin-8 theres no time out.