Bug report: Data Correctness: Find and Replace using RegEx: Removes chars that should not be removed.

Jimmy Luo 9 months ago in iPhone updated 9 months ago 2


  • Item type: Bug
  • Priority (reporter): 1
  • Severity (reporter): 4
  • Bug Type: Data Correctness
  • Product: Textastic on iOS
  • Feature: Find and Replace using RegEx
  • Issue: Removes chars that should not be removed.

Repro Steps

  • Document: string Su 3.5\nMon 6.3\nTues 3.9
  • Find: RegEx [ A-z]
  • Replace: empty string

Expected: string 3.5\n6.3\n3.9

Actual: string 3.5\n6.3\n.9



thanks for your bug report. I can reproduce the issue. I'll try to find out what's going on.

Workaround: Search for [ A-z]+ instead of [ A-z].

thank you for the fast triage and the workaround!