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Extra row keys.

FurryFox23 2 years ago in iPhone updated 2 years ago 3

The extra row of keys get in the way of the better keyboard in textfinity which has all the same keys plus much more and has fast and precise positioning of the text cursor. Can you add the option to disable the extra keys above the keyboard on iOS like we can on iPad.

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So I guess the only button needed when using the Typefinity keyboard would be the button to dismiss the keyboard, right? Other features like undo/redo and tab seem to be supported by that third-party keyboard.

Yes. However, we would want to make the dismiss keyboard button as minimum as possible to save space on the screen. If possible it may make sense to add a touch gesture to hide the keyboard when the top row is gone on iOS. The user can be notified when enabling the setting to hide the top row buttons on iOS.