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Thanks for the detailed information. I'm sorry that you had to go through the trouble of reinstalling the app.
Although I can't reproduce it, I've limited this setting to a maximum value of 1000 for the next version.
This is now implemented for the next version.
Which iOS version are you running? I can't reproduce it on 4.2.
Did you try to restart the device?
Have a look at for a discussion of Dropbox support. Actually, I've already started the implementation (along with FTP support).

As for Flex MXML files, I'll add the extension to the list of XML extensions, as MXML is XML.

In the future, please create separate feedback entries for every issue.

Thanks for your feedback!
Interesting. But, I plan to implement both a WebDAV (also for iDisk) and a Dropbox client.
The next version of Textastic supports displaying of Chinese and Japanese text. Actually, most unicode characters will be supported. This version also supports input using the Japanese and Chinese keyboards in iOS.

There's only one drawback: the drawing of characters not found in the font selected in the app's settings take significantly longer to draw because I have to use CoreText to draw the characters in the correct color. But for normal html pages or source code files with some Japanese sentences there won't be much difference.
Textastic uses the CATiledLayer class to draw the text in background threads. This is the same class that is used in the Maps app which fades in Google Maps layers as soon as they are loaded from the internet.

So, the text isn't displayed immediately, but drawn in the background and then faded in. This makes it look slightly sluggish, especially because the screen is drawn in tiles and several tiles have to be drawn and faded in. This is especially noticable with external keyboards, because then there's a bigger screen areay that has to be drawn.

But, this makes scrolling and zooming very fast even with big text files and CATiledLayer makes good use of the limited memory available on the iPad.

I see what you mean, but I think it's acceptable. I'll see if I can improve drawing in a future version, but right now it's not a priority.
Could not reproduce. (see comments)