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Multiple projects

Otacon Karurosu 14 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 12 2 duplicates
Ability to create projects that can hold several files, configurations, etc.
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This is the only feature missing that is really needed. The ability to switch and work on different projects would be great. Gusto app does it right if you need an example. Other than that, Textastic is superior.
What's the problem with putting your files into different folders?
Unless I'm mistaken, as soon as I move any downloaded file into a new local folder, the remote link is lost. Not to mention that moving files is less than intuitive and bothersome. Currently I can't keep files locally when I switch to another project because I very often have condfilcting folder and files names between projects.

While I love textastic as a text editor, the lack of project management is a major limitation for me using it as a more serious development app. The addition of some form of project management would change that completely.

In the mean time I'm going to try out Koder. Anyway, keep up the excellent work and I'll be keeping a close eye on textastic feature development.
Just create a folder before you download and then download the files into that folder by selecting it on the left in the File Transfer screen. 

There's no need to download it to the root folder first and moving it afterwards unless I'm missing something.

Moving files is implemented similar to how you can move mails in Apple's Mail app.
Wow, I totally missed the fact that I could navigate into the folder in that view. I naturally tap at either end of the list item because thats where the widgets are... Of course I should have realised since that is how I navigate on the remote side of things. I feel a bit silly now. Anyway thanks for your prompt response, Textastic is a terrific editor , looking forward to seeing more in future... especially remote preview to save leaping out to safari each time but that's not too difficult o cope with...

So maybe be code completion or svn/git support (although that is not trivial to implement).

thanks again!
Yes, these are all things that are on my todo list :)
Did you try to organize your files in folders instead? What's missing for you?
I completely agree, I'm suprised it doesn't actually have this as a default feature. I was going to do a write up about this and Gusto. This is a feature that must be implemented..
What's the problem with creating folders for your projects?
There's nothing *wrong* with creating folders for my projects but it would be nice to know when I'm at the root of my working directory. For instance I work with Node a lot (I'm a jailbroken iPad user so I can dev without the laptop) and I work on a lot of similarly structured projects so one day I go to the root and unknowingly tap into another project and waste time editing the wrong files and repairing what I've done then have to do it all again. Seems stupid but it can happen (we've all done it at least once) perhaps instead of projects we can have  a "set project root" button in which you have to confirm to go beyond?

I totally agree... if you would implement the same structure as Gusto has.

This app would not have an equal... 

I would like to add this feature, I think we are fairly accustomed, especially that I use eclipse on my mac.