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Textastic fully supports Chinese text encodings, but the automatic character encoding detection may sometimes choose the wrong encoding.

In this case, please try to tap and hold a file you want to open and choose "Open with Encoding". Then select the correct Chinese encoding and the file should display correctly.

You can see a screenshot of this menu in this topic of the manual:

Textastic 7 will be able to open SSH Terminal connections in tabs. 

Hello, I'll consider it for a future update.

Yes, this only works if the file is stored in either "Local Files" or "iCloud" or in an Git repository folder opened from Working Copy (see . 

I suggest to use Textastic's built-in Dropbox support and downloading files from Dropbox instead of the "Open…" command:

Then use the quick upload feature to upload your changes back to Dropbox:

Hello, did you try to use the "ASP vb.NET" syntax definition? It might work reasonably well.

You can just tap on the button in the top right corner and choose "Preview in Safari" and put Safari in split view mode next to Textastic.

Is it enough to just select "XML" as the syntax definition? This won't highlight JavaScript though.

On iOS 11 on iPad, you can enable the shortcut bar in Textastic's settings which shows buttons for copy, cut and paste. Unfortunately it takes away a lot of space, so it is disabled by default.

Hello, you can use the "Open…" command in Textastic to bring up the iOS 11 document picker which is the same interface as the Files app.

Files opened this way will be opened in place. Changes will be automatically saved back to the app they are coming from.

You can even use it to open folders from the Git client app Working Copy (you need use "Select All" and select a folder).