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this is the default behavior in all text editing apps on iOS (e.g. Notes, Pages, any text field). It's the same as on macOS and Windows, too. To scroll, you use the scroll wheel on a mouse and a two finger drag on a trackpad.

It looks like you need to include vue.js after the #app div. I changed the index.html file to this and it worked for me:


If you added the repository in Working Copy as an external folder in Textastic, the folder should automatically refresh whenever files are changed/added/removed. Does this not work?

See for details.

You can also pull down the file list to refresh it manually.


sorry, but I'm not familiar with vue.js.

I've looked at the index.html file and it doesn't look like a complete HTML file to me (missing html, head, body tags). Also, the .html file does not reference the app.js file anywhere.

Textastic 4.1 for Mac adds the new keyboard shortcuts “Toggle Comment” (Cmd-/) and “Toggle Block Comment” (Cmd-Option-/).

Actually, this is already possible using the app Secure ShellFish which allows you to access SSH/SFTP servers as folders in the Files app. You can add those folders as external folders to Textastic and open and edit the files as if they were local.

Can you please send me a short video that shows the problem? I don't see this problem on my devices.

To show the scope at the cursor location, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-P (this can be changed in Textastic's settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Code Editor -> Show Scope).

Here is the sublime syntax file used by Textastic:


It should work if you put the file "Ink.tmLanguage" from the "grammars" folder into the following location in Textastic: 

Local Files/#Textastic/Ink/Ink.tmLanguage

You can open two windows of Textastic and put them side-by-side. There is no diff view that shows you added and deleted lines though.