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This looks like a bug in Brave, since it works when I set Firefox as the default browser.

I don't have plans to add this at the moment. I'll merge this topic with the OneDrive topic to count your vote for this feature.


this is not an intended feature and may possible break with longer transfers. I guess this is due to the new modal dismissal feature in iOS 14 which doesn't properly cancel the transfer. I'll look into it.

Also, currently Textastic needs to be in the foreground while a file transfer is taking place.

Good point, I'll try to change that.


yes, you are right, I noticed this too. It would be better if the button stayed in the same place.


the file works for me. I get code completions when I enter a backslash "\".

Did you reload customizations as explained at

Thanks for letting me know about this issue. I'll try to reproduce it.

Do you know steps to reliably reproduce the issues you are seeing or does it only happen sporadically?