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I'm not sure exactly where you mean. Do you have a screenshot? Is this about copying files? There is already "Duplicate" and "Copy To…".


you can configure whether recently opened files are re-opend in Textastic's Advanced settings: "Restore files and windows when re-opening Textastic".

To show or hide the sidebar, use the View -> Show Sidebar menu or Control-Command-B.

By default, Textastic should restore files and windows from the last launch including the state of the sidebar.

Can you please give me more details? How exactly are you trying to download the files?

Textastic should be able to handle files beginning with a dot like ".htaccess".

I just downloaded a file called ".profile" using an SSH connection and could open and edit the file without problems.

It would be great if you could send me a screen recording video illustrating the problem.

If you are using an FTP connection instead of SFTP, you need to enable "Show Hidden Files" in the connection's settings. See

Please show me the Markdown source code.

I'm currently working on an update of Textastic for macOS. I hope to release it within the next few weeks.

This should be fixed in Textastic 10.0.3 which was just released. It contains a workaround for this iOS bug. 

Thanks for reporting this issue!

Interesting. Just a quick tip: to close a lot of tabs, you can tap and hold a tab to bring up the tab menu and choose "Close Other Tabs". Then you just need to close the current tab and all tabs are closed.

Maybe a shortcut action to close all tabs would be useful for cases like yours.

I talked to Anders Borum, the author of Working Copy, and we could reproduce the reload issue with Apple's Pages app. So this is definitely a system-wide issue introduced in iOS 17.