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Can you please send me your custom HTML syntax highlighting as a .zip file so I can try to reproduce the issue?

So, is this a new bug or did this happen before the latest beta, too?

I can see your crash in App Store Connect / TestFlight. In fact, I see several from you also from past TestFlight versions. Unfortunately, there seems to be no crash details attached.

Do you have any customizations in the "Local Files/#Textastic" folder?

Can you send me a screen recording of the hang and crash? Maybe it helps me reproduce the issue.


it works fine on my devices, so can you please answer some questions?

  • How exactly are you opening the HTML file? Where is the file stored? 
  • Which theme are you using?
  • Can you send me the file that causes the crash? 


I've been bitten by this behaviour myself. I think I'll change it so that auto indentation is not applied to the last line when pasting multiple lines of code.


thanks for the report. I can reproduce the problem. I see the same issue in Runestone Text Editor, which uses the same UITextInteraction API as Textastic.

As a workaround, tapping on the insertion point (sometimes twice) brings up the Paste menu for me while long pressing does not seem to bring up the menu.

You can go to Settings -> Other and tap "Reload Customizations" to reload code completion files, syntax definitions and themes without quitting the app.

Alternatively, you can use Cmd-Shift-R on an external keyboard to reload customizations.

This is explained in the manual at

To use the built-in code completions in case something doesn't work anymore, you can just delete your custom code completion file and reload customizations.

Support for opening folders trough the Files app is something Google would have to add to the Google Drive app's file provider extension.