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can you please tell me any details?

What did you do before the crash happened? On which device model is this? Do you have any custom syntax definitions or themes installed?

You can try to go to the Settings app -> Textastic and check "Reset Recent Files" and then try to start the app. This will clear the list of recent files and prevent the restoration of opened files.

I'd also try a reboot of the device if this doesn't help.

Thanks for the video. Can you please send me the text file so I can try to reproduce the bug?

PTY stands for pseudoterminal, see

I haven't seen this error before, but it is generated by this line of code in libssh2:

It looks like requesting a new pseudo terminal fails for some reason.

Just a guess: is the system you are connecting to serving a lot of clients? Maybe there are no pseudo terminals left?

Can you have a look at the server logs? Maybe you can find an error message logged by the SSH server.

However, you can currently only find, not replace in multiple files.

Use the menu item Edit -> Find in Files… or Shift-Command-F.

Try a three finger swipe left/right: that's the iOS 13 standard gesture for undo/redo.

Secure ShellFish might be an option then. It's a file provider for the Files app that connects to SFTP servers. You can open the folder as an external folder in Textastic and changes to files are uploaded automatically. 

Good point. That definitely needs to be improved - also on the iPad Pro without home button.