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This should be fixed in Textastic 10.0.3 which was just released. It contains a workaround for this iOS bug. 

Thanks for reporting this issue!

Interesting. Just a quick tip: to close a lot of tabs, you can tap and hold a tab to bring up the tab menu and choose "Close Other Tabs". Then you just need to close the current tab and all tabs are closed.

Maybe a shortcut action to close all tabs would be useful for cases like yours.

I talked to Anders Borum, the author of Working Copy, and we could reproduce the reload issue with Apple's Pages app. So this is definitely a system-wide issue introduced in iOS 17.

Textastic reloads changed files correctly on iOS 16.7.1, but not on iOS 17. This is a bug in iOS 17. 

I'll try to implement a workaround by looking at the file's modification date when Textastic comes to the foreground. 

I'll also report the issue to Apple. 

I see the same problem in GoCoEdit, 1Writer and Runestone on iOS 17.1.1. All three apps (and Textastic) do not reload the file after it was changed in another app while already open. I'm sure this worked before, so it might be an iOS bug. I'll try to find out more. 

I think I could just reproduce the problem you are describing. It might be a bug. I'll investigate. Thanks for letting me know!


Textastic uses file coordination when opening a file and a file presenter while displaying a file. The system should notify the app if another app changes a file that is currently opened and Textastic should automatically reload the file.

For example, when you edit a file in Working Copy's editor and WC saves the file, Textastic should automatically reload it.

Do you know what exactly you are doing in Working Copy that does not trigger a reload? 

It's possible that Working Copy does not use a file coordinator for Git's pull operations for example, but I'd have to ask Anders Borum, the author of Working Copy to be sure. 

Good point. That would be a nice improvement.

This should be fixed in Textastic 10 which was just released.

This should be fixed in Textastic 10 which was just released.