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I can reproduce the problem with Japanese text. I'll try to find out what is going on.

I could reproduce and find a workaround for this problem just yesterday. It will be fixed in the next update.

This seems to be a JSX syntax definition for TextMate 2 which injects itself into the built-in JavaScript syntax.

Textastic only supports TextMate 1 (and Sublime Text 2) syntax definitions, which do not support injection.

Currently, you can only use copy/paste to copy text from a code editor tab and paste it into to a terminal tab.

Textastic only supports syntax definitions and some preferences found in Sublime Packages. It does not run Python code from Sublime Packages.

I just tried to reproduce this, but it works on my iPad.

Did you maybe change the keyboard shortcut in Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> File -> Upload This File? If yes, you can reset it there.

What does the overlay show when you press and hold the Cmd key on your external keyboard?

You should already see Markdown headers in the symbol list. Does this not work for you?

Yes, I know what you mean. I have already an idea for how to implement this, but would like to know what you would expect:

Should this always create a plain text file with UTF-8 encoding or should this be configurable? (for example, maybe you want a Markdown or HTML file instead).


can you please send me such a file so I can try to find out why it doesn't use UTF-8 when opening these files (which it should)?

I can see the problem. I'll need to try if I can work around this issue on AZERTY keyboards. I'm not sure if iOS will accept Cmd-é as a valid keyboard shortcut (but it should).

You can change the scroll direction with this iOS setting: 

Settings -> General -> Trackpad & Mouse -> Natural Scrolling