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This seems to be a problem again on iOS 16.1. 

It should now work when clicking on the checkbox. Thanks again for letting me know about this issue.

This used to work, I'll open a bug report at UserEcho, where the forum is hosted. Thanks for letting me know!

Try tapping/clicking on the name instead of on the check box. 

I misinterpreted the first screenshot. It's great to hear that a reboot fixed the issue for you. 

Alternatively, please try the following:

To prevent the app from opening previously open files at launch, do this:

- quit Textastic
- go to the Settings app
- scroll down to Textastic
- enable "Reset Recent Files"
- open Textastic

It looks like you are using Stage Manager on iOS 16 beta, is that correct?

Please try reboot your iPad or try to temporarily disable Stage Manager in your iPad's settings and see if that changes anything.

In the macOS version of Textastic you can click on the loupe icon in the search field and choose "Insert Pattern" (or use Ctrl-Option-Cmd-P) and then "Tab" or "Line Break". Here are two screenshots:

Hello, there is a Vue.js Sublime Text 3 syntax definition at: (it's important to use the "new" branch, not "master" or "st4")

Please have a look at the manual to see how you can add custom syntax definitions using Sublime Text packages:

Just adding the file "Vue Component.sublime-syntax" to "Local Files/#Textastic/Vue" and reloading customizations should work and you'll have "Vue Component" as a new syntax definition.

Here is a screenshot of how the included "samples/basic.vue" file looks for me in Textastic:

Is Safari your default browser? Some browsers like Brave do not support localhost http urls.