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Textastic currently only supports the PEM key file format. It looks like newer versions of ssh-keygen (for example on macOS 10.14 Mojave) don't use the PEM format by default anymore but instead use their own new format.

You can use the "-m PEM" parameter when generating the key to generate the private key file in a format recognized by Textastic, for example:

ssh-keygen -m PEM -t rsa -b 4096

I'll add support for the new format in a future update of Textastic.

The new keys that are not recognized by Textastic begin with:


Private key files in the recognized PEM format begin with:


I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Yeah, possibly, if we're talking about WebDAV connections. 

That's why I asked for the kind of remote connection.

I just tried this:

- tap on the "globe" button to open the remote transfer screen

- add two new SFTP connections

- tap on the (i) button at the right side of the first connection to edit it

- change ip address and path

- tap Done button

The changes only apply to one connection for me.


can you please tell me step-by-step how to reproduce the problem so I can try to reproduce it on my device? What kind of remote connections are you adding, how are you editing them? A screen recording video illustrating the problem would help too.

Did you try Cmd-Up and Cmd-Down to send Page Up/Down commands?

Hallo, in Textastic 8 (derzeit im Beta-Status) wird iTunes File Sharing sowie die Anzeige der lokalen Dateien in "Auf meinem iPad" in der Dateien-App aktiviert sein.

Ein paar Hintergrundinformationen: Als Textastic 6 herauskam, wurde es als neue App veröffentlicht. Um lokale Dateien einfach zu migrieren, wurden sie in einem gemeinsamen App-Group-Ordner gespeichert, so dass sowohl die alte als auch die neue Version von Textastic nahtlos auf dieselben Dateien zugreifen konnten. Textastic 8 verschiebt diese Dateien nun wieder in den Standard-Dokumentordner, so dass sie für die Dateien-App und die iTunes-Dateifreigabe zugänglich sind. 

Hello, please have a look at for more information about Emmet extensions.

You can request a refund from Apple on the following website:

I've just ordered the Citrix X1 and will play around with it, but I cannot promise that I'll be able to add support for it.

(It would be great if Apple added system-wide support for mouses)