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Regarding connecting to your VPS: How do you try to connect? What error message do you get?

Textastic thinks that the .php file you are trying to open is a binary file. They also do all seem to have about the same size. So It looks like like used the "Open…" command to open a folder from a cloud service like iCloud Drive and the files have not been downloaded yet. Unfortunately this isn't supported in the current version of Textastic.

From the manual at

Opening external folders only works when the files and folders are stored locally on the device. This is typically true for Git clients and the “On my iPad/iPhone” location, but also for apps like Documents by Readdle.
It does not work when folders are stored in the cloud. For cloud providers like iCloud Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, you can only open individual files, not folders.

If your files are stored in iCloud Drive, I would suggest to move them to Textastic's iCloud Drive folder. Then they are available in the "iCloud" location in Textastic.

Textastic currently remembers the cursor position, not the scroll position. So if you never move the cursor to the line you scrolled to, it will still be in line 1.

The problem is that this is only available in native UITextView instances. For Textastic I've implemented a fully custom text view based on the UITextInput protocol. This means that I would have to re-implement the functionality Apple implemented for UITextView. It's not just a simple switch, but would take some days.

You can still move the cursor by moving two fingers over the on-screen keyboard. It just doesn't work on the editor itself.

Currently, Textastic uses a new random port every time the web server is started.

I think adding a file provider extension would work. Then it would appear as a new "Textastic" location in the Files app, not in "On my iPad".


sorry, but I don't speak French and I don't understand the automatic translation. Can you please ask again in English? Maybe a screenshot or sample code would help, too. 


when you use the "Open…" command to open a file from Dropbox, Textastic only has access to that single file. It cannot access other files in Dropbox. Even if you open both files, Textastic does not know that they are from the same location.

Please use the built-in Dropbox client instead to download your project to "Local Files" or "iCloud". Then the preview will work as expected.

This is also explained in the document you linked to:

If you plan to use the built-in web preview to preview a HTML file with external JavaScript, CSS, or image files, it is recommended to use one of the built-in clients for (S)FTPWebDAVDropbox, or Google Drive to download your website files first and edit and preview them locally. If you open a single file with the document picker, linked files cannot be accessed by the web preview due to the iOS security sandbox that limits an app’s access to files in other apps.

Have a look at the following topics in the manual to see how you can download files from Dropbox:

Sorry that I didn't know right away what was going on.