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Text area under keyboard

Wesley Penner 10 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 4
When my document gets longer than about 100 lines, the document won't scroll to the end, so the area where I want to add new text is blocked by the keyboard.

Rotating the screen  helps sometimes, but is inconsistent. Leaving the app helps sometimes. Copying the doc and pasting it back in helps sometimes. Sometimes none of these tricks work.

it is most likely to occur when leaving and returning to the app.
Under review
Which version of iOS are you using?
Happened with both iOS 7 and 8.
Because this problem happened predominantly with TextTastic under iOS 7, when it continued to happen with my switch to 8, I came here looking for an answer. 
As I have used 8 more, though, I saw the same behaviour in other apps. Turns out that the real problem was at the OS level. A reset  of all settings proved to be the fix. 
Sorry to have sent you looking for a problem that didn't exist with your excellent software.
Thanks for letting me know! I also saw in my tests that iOS 8 still has some issues with the on-screen keyboard - especially when using the split keyboard. Apple probably changed a lot under the hood when they added support for custom system-wide keyboards, so there are still a few bugs that should be fixed in the following releases.