ZIP support (zip and unzip files)

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Add support for unzipping zip files (for example received as an email attachment and opened in Textastic).

Add support for zipping a directory or files and mailing them back.


Textastic does now support zip and unzip.
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In the same vein as ZIP support, it would be nice if you would think of making it a good tool to edit ePub files so that you can publish or edit ebooks.
It would be great. Something simple using Markdown or Multimarkdown to preserve the minimalistic layout but being useful as a text editor or a code editor at the same time.
I don't know what MD and MMD has to do with ZIP features, but that would be a wish of me too. Some MultiMarkdown features would be really cool. 

I see myself using Textastic as text editor in lessions in the university very often, because its
fast and powerful. Sad that APPLE has such strong restrictions for the app store, else Alex could enable user scripts to let us code own extensions... but that forbidden :(
Well Myako, what I tried to say is that when talking about edit books (ePub as a compressed group of xhtml files) we are talking about edit 'prosa' but we are also speaking about transform plain text to XHTML files. So I think MD and MMD are simply the perfect way to do this.
Would be great to do that.
Zipping or unzipping would be nice. However, for those who use this app for code review more, it's much more useful to have capability of
- browsing directory structure of a zip file
- opening a file in the zip file as read-only

If the user decides to modify some files after this, unzipping for modification and zipping for sending back would a very nice option.

I would love to see this supported as well. Same as GoodReader, a way to download a zip file and expand its contents (which would also make a great way to transfer a whole source tree from GoodReader, which can zip entire folders, to Textastic).

I just downloaded the app today and it keeps crashing on me when I try to download a whole source tree using SFTP (SSH). Zipping would at least give me a workaround. It's not a massive tree, say 300 folders, 2000 small files, but it just keep crashing (see error message below). That's a problem.

I was able to ZIP the whole tree, it's about 8MB, I can email it to myself or download it from GoodReader, then unzip it in GoodReader but it's a pain to send each file one by one from GoodReader to Textastic at that point. I would love for Textastic to be able to download and unzip the whole tree. I would be even happier if SFTP transfer could be robustified. The server seems fine, I'm able to create the same SFTP/SSH connection with GoodReader and it had no problem downloading the whole tree file by file.

Here is the error message (FYI there *are* 0 bytes file there, a common occurence in SVN source trees, could it be an issue?)

Error downloading "/kwik/tests/groups/empty": Send failed since rewinding of the data stream failed

Error downloading "/kwik/tests/cases/components/empty": Send failed since rewinding of the data stream failed

Error downloading "/kwik/locale/eng/LC_MESSAGES/empty": Send failed since rewinding of the data stream failed

Update: if you have a PayPal account or a bounty system, I'm willing to contribute to a bit of money for that feature, maybe someone else in this thread would too.
Does it really crash or does it just not download the files? Did you check if the file is there?
Oh it crashes alright, sending me right back to the iPad home screen, and the files aren't there. I can reproduce it pretty consistently. I can turn "Log" on and email you the log file, if you so wish. Thanks.
That would be great. You can also send me the crash reports. See http://feedback.textasticapp.com/topic/48133-how-do-i-send-crash-reports/
on my ipad crashes, too (when i download over 400 files. it only happens during a download, not during an upload.
it happens after textastic created the list of files to download

wanna have my ipad1 logs too? i do not have mac or windows, so are the .plist files in the settings app of ios the right files?
Done. Sorry for the delay.
I've finally hand a look at the crash reports. The problem happens when remote file listings are parsed. I've already changed this particular part of the code so it should be fixed in the next version.
Great, looking forward to try it. Thanks!
I would love to see this feature as well.
i agree with you.

at the moment there is a better version than importing every single file: you can download the zip in goodreader and upload all files at once an the server and download it in textastic. i think, its less annoying :D
The next version will support zip and unzip.

Do you plan on supporting other compression format maybe rar, tar, gz, etc? This would be extremely useful because some open source codes are compressed in different formats.

Textastic does now support zip and unzip.

I still can't open zip files in Textastic. Is this feature available in the shipped version?

Yes, it has been available for some time. Just tap on a zip file in the "Files" section and you will be asked if you want to unpack the file.

Here's a screenshot:

You can create a zip file by tapping on the "Edit" button, selecting files and folders and tapping on the "Zip" button in the toolbar below the file list.

I cannot successfully unzip password protected files, no option for typing in a password is shown. However, it does create a folder with the zip name, but with 0bytes files inside

Password-protected zip files are currently not supported. It's on my todo list though.

Thanks for the quick answer. Looking forward to it!