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I could not reproduce this in my tests. Does this happen with a special file or with all files?
This bug is fixed for the next version.

Textastic now correctly detects UTF-16 and UTF-32 files with a BOM ( and also lets you open files it detects as being binary (greyed out in the file list).
The FTP client is coming along nicely. I can already browse directories and yesterday I finished implementing recursive downloading of directories with multiple simultaneous downloads. Still a lot to do (like uploading, config screens and so on), but I'm getting there.
I already started the process with the DOC. I hope it doesn't take too long.
Ruby syntax highlighting is actually included in the app. Didn't it work with your files?

There is already a discussion about Dropbox support at

I've added your request for iDisk support to the entry about a WebDAV client:

Oh, and please create a separate entry for each individual feature request in the future – thank you!
I'll definitely consider adding support for Groovy. I always wanted to try the language :)
I see. Thanks for clarifying.
What happens when you switch to the normal JavaScript syntax highlighting in the File Information popover? What is the file extension for UnityScript?