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Hello, I'm not sure what you mean when you say that "when dealing with slow links what it does is a wait save check cycle that can last 10 minutes". When I edit files in Textastic I never notice when the file is saved in the background.

Can you please tell me what you are trying to do and what "slow links" are meant to be?
Sehr gern. Danke fürs Feedback!
Well, I probably made the screenshot with the German keyboard enabled. The German keyboard is QWERTZ instead of the US QWERTY.
Yeah, a way to check for syntax errors would be pretty cool. Maybe I could create my own service for that.
Yes, I had a look at it recently. Thanks for mentioning!
A customer reported that korean characters do not work either.
I see. This could be added (along with other commands like "convert to upper-/lowercase") to the context menu that pops up when you make a selection.