Show which files have been changed/modified since download

sumiguchi 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 5 2 duplicates
It would be nice if the files had a different icon if they've been changed since being downloaded.  

Alternatively - you could show a timestamp with the file (instead of just date). 

Sorting by time/date would be nice as well.

(Great app btw!)
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have a look at filezilla for windows, linux and mac. it has a nice implementation of showing modified folders and files.

Wow, this looks really horrible to be honest :)
i like the idea of showing files in defferent colors.

filezilla documentation:

Identical directories and files (same name and same date and time of the last change) in the local computer and in the remote server : They are NOT highlighted at all.
Directories and files only present in the local computer or in the remote server : They are highlighted in YELLOW in the list of the location where they reside.
Directories and files with the same name in the local computer and in the remote server but with different time of the last change :
GREEN highlighting shows where the most recent version is.
Directories and files with the same name in the local computer and in the remote server but with different sizes : They are highlighted RED on both sides.
Just a little asterisk badge would be perfect, one color for changed locally, another for changed remotely. If you want to go the extra mile, then allow the badges to be customised by the user :)

(although to be honest, if there was the option to automatically sync with dropbox it might make this feature redundant for me at least)
What would be perfect would be an option to view the diff between the current editor buffer and the remote file. If the file has been modified, this diff would show exactly the changes that were made (and are currently unsaved/unuploaded). 

This way we can avoid the situation where we wonder if we've actually uploaded the file or not: If the local file is out of date, uploading will overwrite any newer changes, and if the local file has had changes, downloading the latest version will overwrite those changes. Being able to compare the current state of the file with the version on the server will allow the user to be sure that the right operation is performed!