Undo Needs a Persistent History

philmaker 13 years ago updated by Will Lovins 11 years ago 8
I accidentally deleted the contents of a significant file - and then switched to another file. I lost the work in the first file because undo history resets when switching way from a file. Can undo support be more enduring?
and it would be nice if textastic could save more undos. at the moment, there are only 50 or something like that.

when i write much things and then realize that i deleted important things, i can only undo 50 changes or discard all the edits by downloading the backup version from ftp.
I noticed this as well. I was typing Hello World and I did the following:

1. Undo 1x
2. Redo 1x
3. Undo 2x
4. Expanded the left sidebar and lost the undo/redo history completely.
The undo history is cleared in two cases:
  • when you switch a file
  • when the iPad is running out of memory and requesting apps to free memory

I guess the second case is what happened in your case.

Couldn't the history be cached to even be available after a restartt of the app?
I'll consider it. I'm not sure if it can be persisted to flash memory but I'll try.

Has this feature been implemented in textastic? I am willing to buy it today if it does as it seems like no IOS notes / test editor apps have persistent edit history across app restarts.

The current version of Textastic doesn't have persistent undo history, sorry.

That is unfortunate. My wife has problems with hand movements and sometimes clicks on the wrong area, thus losing her work. Last night she spent 2 hours working on a letter in notes and lost her work. Sadly, I don't find any text editing apps with this feature and found this thread through a Google search. Thank you anyway.