How many installations of Textastic are there?

rastafunky 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 3
Textastic is an obviously popular editor for iPad, how many people use it? Can you give an estimate of the number of Textastic users?
I'm just curious. Mostly because it seems that the only successful iPad apps are games and/or brand apps (Facebook, Twitter, Google, you name it). I'd like to how successful can be a one-man-app (I believe Textastic is completely your work, Alex).
I don't want to publish numbers, but I'm happy with the amount of copies sold. More would probably cause too much support. I could live off of the sales of Textastic alone, but I have another popular app in Germany ("Rezepte") and a few apps I did with a business partner ("The Photo Cookbook", "History of Rock"...). So the App Store works if you are just a single developer and you know how to create great apps.