Search & Replace

Tobias Steinke 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 11
Every good editor should have a functionality to search AND replace.
Version 2.0
This is implemented in Textastic 2.0.

You can also search for "\n" (newline) and "\t" (tab). This allows you for example to replace all newline characters with two newline characters.

I've also added options for:
- Match whole words
- Case sensitive search
- Diacritic sensitive search
Under review

Hope to add VIM simulation

chuancong 12 years ago updated by Hugo 1 year ago 7 1 duplicate
It would be great to have an option for VIM simulation in this app. Another row of buttons could be added to the keyboard containing keys like ESC and others frequently used in VIM. Since this app is mainly used for coding, having a VIM mode which does not requir e any touch on the text would be great for efficiency.

Show a list of functions/class methods

Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago updated 11 years ago 5
Customer request by mail:

"The app could maintain a watch-list of variable names and/or user-functions on the top-right (detected through the source code entered) and users can insert variables/functions at cursor position by tapping on the list items."
Version 3.0
I have implemented the symbol list from TextMate for Textastic 3.0.

Here's how this looks with an Objective-C file:

Under review

Multiple projects

Otacon Karurosu 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 9 years ago 12 2 duplicates
Ability to create projects that can hold several files, configurations, etc.

Add remote preview support

Dave Z 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 13 2 duplicates
Add support in the "preview" section for remote viewing (in addition to local viewing) so that files like PHP can be interpreted. Having an address bar to manually enter a URL would be ideal since not every PHP file resolves to a specific file (PHP scripts are often included into other scripts).
Textastic 4.0 will have remote preview support.

Support for OneDrive (SkyDrive) would be fantastic!

Michael Heitland 11 years ago updated by FrederickZh 5 years ago 10 8 duplicates
Dropbox is already supported, but SkyDrive will become very prominent with the introduction of Windows 8 this fall.


Block commenting.

Kkerst 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 3 years ago 13 4 duplicates
Just bought your textastic app for the iPad. Is there a way to highlight a block and have it all commented?

Textastic 9.3 adds the new keyboard shortcuts “Toggle Comment” (Cmd-/) and “Toggle Block Comment” (Cmd-Option-/).


multiline tabing and untabing / indenting

Ryu 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 5 3 duplicates
i think multiline tabing and untabing feature is very important to edit source code
Textastic 4.0 will support multiline tabbing and untabbing using the virtual keyboard and external keyboards (select text and press tab and shift-tab).
Under review

Would love CSS Preprocessor support (specifically .scss)

Terence Devine 11 years ago updated by Dana Elza 5 years ago 8
I've recently started using .scss along with CodeKit, and can't imagine going back now!  I'm getting an iPad in the next few days and was considering textastic, but was really looking to have Sass support!

SSH Terminal

Ben Allfree 11 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 3 years ago 7 3 duplicates
Now that SFTP support is built in, the only thing missing for my daily workflow is an SSH terminal. SFTP+Terminal are the features I use in Coda and it's very nice to have an integrated SSH terminal (or more than one) as tabs along with the open files.

Textastic 7 will be able to open SSH Terminal connections in tabs.