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Would love CSS Preprocessor support (specifically .scss)

Terence Devine 12 years ago updated by Dana Elza 6 years ago 8
I've recently started using .scss along with CodeKit, and can't imagine going back now!  I'm getting an iPad in the next few days and was considering textastic, but was really looking to have Sass support!
This is something I'd love to see in Textastic. Using a preprocessor my self I wouldn't switch back, which limits what I can do using the app in its current for.

I'd love to see SASS + COMPASS compilation too!


SASS/SCSS is absolutely critical for me and my team these days. Textastic desperately needs SCSS support.


I agree with Matthews Van Andel: SASS/SCSS is absolutely critical. WIthout SASS/SCSS and COMPASS compilation, including autocomplete, I'll never move to develop in Textastic.

I would really love to see support for Sass/Scss and Compass with compilation and ruby gems installation support (for Susy) in Textastic.
Add permissions settings on remote files along the way and i will be totally happy!

Any advancement on the possible inclusion of SASS??

Under review

Not yet. I believe there was a separate app announced that could do it, but I cannot find it at the moment, sorry.

Just went from your original version to V6.4.3. Improvements are much appreciated and well worth the cost. You priced your app just right. Coda is not worth what they charge. I use TextMate on my iMac.

I too need SASS and Compass (or the like) integration with Textastic.

Thank you.