Block commenting.

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Just bought your textastic app for the iPad. Is there a way to highlight a block and have it all commented?



Textastic 9.3 adds the new keyboard shortcuts “Toggle Comment” (Cmd-/) and “Toggle Block Comment” (Cmd-Option-/).

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No, that's currently not possible. But it's a good idea.
I'd like to second this feature request.

For the small amount of script editing I do this is probably the single most convenient/necessary feature in any editor I use.
I completely agree. This would be a great feature to be added. Something like textmate where you can comment the whole block with command+/ would be nice.

Thank you for a great app.
I'd love this feature.  Once you've selected a section it would be useful if comment/uncomment was an option next to shift left/right.
+ 1 to the above. It's a very important feature for me.

Yeah, this REALLY needs to be in the app for it to be good. Because during programming trial and error, you need to be able to experiment and try things out quickly, and commenting out blocks of code is the single most important tool in that process.

+1  I would use this a lot

Command+/ to toggle comments would be a real game changer for me.

Thanks for a great app!

+1 I'm really digging Textastic. Was just trying to comment an entire block and thought, surely there is a way to easily do this. Textmate's Command+/ would be super helpful


Yeah, this is a great app, but block commenting is pretty important.  How 'bout it, it's been 7 years??

This is about the same as the "comment block" comment, and it seems like they could be developed together.  It looks like the dev who wrote this is busy, we all know what that's like, but this is such a crucial feature...


It has been 9 years. Most of the shortkeys are much useless. Commenting block by just cmd+/ which is the most important feature for coding seems like a rocket science for textastic. You guys really need to work harder.


Textastic 9.3 adds the new keyboard shortcuts “Toggle Comment” (Cmd-/) and “Toggle Block Comment” (Cmd-Option-/).