Support for OneDrive (SkyDrive) would be fantastic!

Michael Heitland 11 years ago updated by Dean Nash 1 week ago 11 9 duplicates
Dropbox is already supported, but SkyDrive will become very prominent with the introduction of Windows 8 this fall.

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I second this, while dropbox is a great service, 2GB for free users is very limiting compared to SkyDrive's 7-25GB. I primarily use SkyDrive these days, and support would be great, and couldn't hurt the app or it's existing users at all!

I agree this would expand its usefulness


SkyDrive Support would be awesome!!


I would love to see skydrive integration as all of my Xcode projects are saved to my skydrive, please add for next version :) love your work on this app so far

I've all my project files in SkyDrive. The support will be very useful
I agree with the rest in saying that support for OneDrive would be great!!!
Please add OneDrive support

My university uses OneDrive and it would be extremely useful to have it along with the existing Dropbox and Google option. 


Supporting OneDrive would be rather useful for me as well. And by the way, I think it is better to show all the available clouds along with "Local" and "iCloud" in the main view?

Under review

I don't have plans to add this at the moment. I'll merge this topic with the OneDrive topic to count your vote for this feature.

Plus one here. Native support for iCloud, OneDrive and Google Drive are imperatives for modern applications.