Not refreshing / CSS, Javascript and Images are cached on iOS 5 / Preview doesn't get updated

Carlos M. Torres 8 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 5
The iPad app was working with no problems. Now after the update to iOS5 it doesn't refresh to show the changes in the CSS. Am I the only one having this issue?

This is an issue in iOS 5. I will fix it in the next update.

This is fixed for Textastic 3.1.

How do I find the device id (UDID) of my iPad?

Alexander Blach (Developer) 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 0
1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

2. Select your your device in iTunes. Select the Summary tab.

3. Click on the Serial Number black label. It doesn’t look like something you can click on, unfortunately, making this more of a “hidden feature”. Serial Number will turn into Identifier (UDID).

4. Unfortunately this is another non-intuitive step. After you see Identifier (UDID) displayed, copy it to your OS clipboard with Ctrl-C (Windows) or Command-C (Mac). And here’s the subtle trick…

Most people try to highlight the UDID - which is almost the universally recognized way to copy something - but for some reason Apple decided to make this unable to be selected. You can’t highlight it. Just hit Ctrl-C or Command-C on this screen and trust that it’s copied to your OS clipboard. Now open an email or a text editor and paste in the clipboard contents. You now have your iPhone device ID.

Paste sometimes adds 'invisible' chars

Fernando Madruga 8 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 8
(BTW: you DO need a better font here: this form is highly unusable on an iPad)

As for the problem, I've ran into an issue copying some text from a QuickGuide and 1st I though it was the guide to be blamed but then did some more tests and found out that it's Textastic's fault. I pasted the exact same clipboard contents to several different apps and transferred all those to my PC and the only text to exhibit problems was the one pasted in Textastic. Basically, I was pasting a short html snippet and after much digging I found that textastic was adding a 0xC2 char before SOME of the spaces. These would not show on Textastic but they would be stored on the file and break html rendering. I can send you some screenshots of this if you wish.

Just to clarify, his bug happens just by pasting: if I preview the file in Textastic it will immediately exhibit the bugged behaviour! I only transferred the file to my PC to better debug it so it was not a transfer problem. (Textastic doesn't have an hex view, does it?)

Entering text using Siri fails

J13ag 4 years ago in iPad 0

Entering text using Siri fails.

After text is entered using Siri Textastc changes it or removes parts of it.


2.0 Crashes when WebDAV server button is clicked while coonected on 3G

Jim Stoker 9 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 9 years ago 0
Version 2.0 app crashes immediately on pressing WebDAV button on an IPad while the IPad is connected via 3G wireless rather than WIFI.
Fixed for Textastic 2.1.

New App Icon

Edward Glasheen 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2
We really could use a new app icon; more inline with iOS 7... Other than that, great app!

S-Drive support

connor jones 8 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 3
Unsure of whether it is even possible, but I host a lot of sites using S-Drivescould this be added?

Would be great have a lot of examples

diego cruz ruiz 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0
Would be great have a lot of examples in every language because for example in c++ we have different programs with different syntaxis