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I think you guys don't see the whole system as one thing. You cannot go with commit, update and checkout alone. It is normally a more user system that needs to handle things ( specially mercurial ) like branches/split/merging as well. Furthermore a conflict solving must be possible too. So if Alex says first only a git client then we should be happy that he make the work to reimplement a version controlling client for textastic :)
Do you try to eliminate all other apps in the App Store ? xD

Would be a really killer feature against other MD Apps, because Textastic is the most usable editor. 
Nice... I would like to see it in Textastic  :D
I don't know what MD and MMD has to do with ZIP features, but that would be a wish of me too. Some MultiMarkdown features would be really cool. 

I see myself using Textastic as text editor in lessions in the university very often, because its
fast and powerful. Sad that APPLE has such strong restrictions for the app store, else Alex could enable user scripts to let us code own extensions... but that forbidden :(
The feature is currently marked as PLANNED. But I agree with you, the app really needs a subversion/GIT/hg feature. It has nothing to do with coding only on iPad, but it is a terrible task to download all onto iPad via Mac, editing on iPad (mobile) and bringing all back to Mac....
I also not a friend of IAP, but I would agree with that.

If IAP is preventable then I would also spend something like 4-5 euros. I know as programmer how much work it is to implement new features and I would spend something to support the development of textastic ( the #1 editor on iOS ). =)
oh okay... sad.
Thanks for the information. =)
for me too :)

Uhm yes you're right and it's maybe a first solution. I don't wanted to say coding only on pad or something like this but for small projects I have to use atm all time my mac as sharing station. 

Hmmm ... yeah I know this version control thingy is very hard to handle. ^^
Aw nice ^^ 

At all I have to take back some of my words from the past. Textastic is now the best editor on iPad and it's nice to see a well developed program on iOS. :D
Cool... tested v4 and must say nice thing. Maybe you can extend the feature with customize able dictionaries in future versions to support other languages as well ( maybe for js functions ). 

But again thank you for textastic 4.0 =)