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Nice Idea... but the current implementation should provide an automatically synchronize algorithm. This would be much easier to sync online repo with local repo. 

In my case: I have problems to synchronize much files at once. An automatically synchronize algorithm would make my life much easier.


if I'am allowed to ask, are there any news about this feature/idea?  =)

I'm working on a project with my iPad + Logitech board and asked myself... how cool it could be to see the file content on my 1080p display. Sometimes it would be really helpful because the size of the ipad is only 10* and the possibilities are great with that feature to enhance the coding process with Textastics.

whoops  my fault, sry for the wrong information. =(
The problem is because the app normally automatically indents the code itself. JQuery min is minified into one line. You have to wait some seconds until textastic indents the code itself ( on my ipad 2 it needs 10 seconds ). 
This brings me to a missed feature. Specially for this problem we need an opttion to disable the auto line break fully. At the moment it is not possible, bbut specially this files needs a disabled auto line break... :/
PS: Tested it with actual jquery min on iPad 2. Works, but needs about 15 seconds to automatically indent the jquery source code.
This video can demonstrate it very good :) 
Year, I saw similar problems with swipeSelectiom from cydia too. Hmmm, but you have your special keys in your toolbar right?
(it is a little brainstorming now, hopefully it is okay :D )
Why not place a swipe button somewhere.. maybe in the toolbar or the top bar. If you click on hold this special button, then you can move the cursor by your gesture. This should not break the special characters.
Aw I forgot to tell that codea used a special button on its toolbar for that. I think we can't access gestures on the original iOS keyboard. ;)
Cant you use the XML syntax for xsd? 
Yep ^^ 

Luckily we can use secured data streams with Textastic :)
uuuh username and password as unencoded text over http ?
I would prevent to do something like that :(