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Myako Toudai 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 5 1 duplicate

If I'm allowed to share an idea again to improve textastic, then I have maybe a very good one. the cursor wheel is very nice, but for the most situations to slow and complicated. Furthermore, it steals a lot of space on the canvas. Can you maybe implement the cursor swipe selection idea? I saw it already in codes and it is very nice and useful, specially for a text editing app like textastic. 

Here is an example : http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6h2yrBK7MAY 

But overall again thanks for textastic ( we can't say enough thanks for this great peace of software. It is very useful for me )

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Aw I forgot to tell that codea used a special button on its toolbar for that. I think we can't access gestures on the original iOS keyboard. ;)
I actually already added this using the code at https://github.com/cncool/SlideSelection but then discarded it because it interfered with the standard keyboard gestures. For example, on the German virtual keyboard, you can swipe up on the "O" key to enter "ö". Also, holding the "o" key displays a row of accentuated characters like ó, ò, ô and so on - this also didn't work too well together with swipe selection. Also, it sometimes unintentionally entered characters when swiping over the keyboard.

I didn't find a good way to circumvent these problems.

Year, I saw similar problems with swipeSelectiom from cydia too. Hmmm, but you have your special keys in your toolbar right?
(it is a little brainstorming now, hopefully it is okay :D )
Why not place a swipe button somewhere.. maybe in the toolbar or the top bar. If you click on hold this special button, then you can move the cursor by your gesture. This should not break the special characters.
This video can demonstrate it very good :)
Yeah, it might be a solution - but I'm not sure if another one or two buttons will fit on the bar.