No way of entering Apache's Password

Keven Ménard 12 years ago updated by Ramon Figueroa-Centeno 11 years ago 7
When the website is protected by a password (Apache's), there is no way of logging in when using the preview feature so it loads forever. Thanks for fixing in next release!
You can add the user name and password to the url like that: http://user:password@example.com/
Awesome! Now I need a way to keep that link in memory somewhere :P a bookmark feature would be nice! For now I'll stick with safari. Thanks !
Textastic will remember the last remote preview url you entered for each file.
uuuh username and password as unencoded text over http ?
I would prevent to do something like that :(
Http auth is always unencrypted. If you use https it is encrypted.
Yep ^^ 

Luckily we can use secured data streams with Textastic :)

It would be very nice if instead of entering http://user:password@example.com/, one could just enter http://example.com/ and the Textastic would save the name and password (not only does it save time, it also keeps me from having to watch if anyone is looking over my shoulder).