Keyboard not open everytime

Myako Toudai 12 years ago updated by Glen Schrader 11 years ago 7
I saw it on my old iPad 1 and my new iPad 2. Sometimes if I write something... closing the keyboard and selecting something, then the keyboard not pop up. 
Then I have to deselect my selection and tapping somewhere to make the cursor blinking at a the selected position... then the keyboard opens and I can make a selection. ( Is that a bug or wanted? )

Happens very often. 
This is the default behavior in iOS. Try it for example in Apple's Notes app.

To bring up the keyboard, tap on the editor once. You can then select text while the keyboard is open.

If instead you double-tap on the editor to select text while the keyboard is closed, the keyboard will not come up - you will only be able to copy the selected text. This is done so you can just copy some text without bringing up the keyboard.

oh okay... sad.
Thanks for the information. =)

Can there be a button or something to reopen the keyboard, I hit this all the time and it's a little annoying.

Just do a single tap (not a double tap!) on the editor to open the keyboard.

Yeah maybe that's what I'm getting tripped up on, for whatever reason my keyboard closes more than I'd like.  Seems to be when I copy and paste but I can't seem to reproduce it now.  So I get annoyed when I select some code that I don't want from the pasted code and don't have a keyboard to hit the delete key.

That's weird. It should only close when you actually tap in the keyboard corner to close it.

I'll keep an eye on it to see what I'm doing, thanks for the replies