problem replacing character with accented character using BT keyboard

Urban Kravjanský 11 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 3

When replacing selected character (or group of characters) with accented character using bluetooth keyboard, accent alone replaces the selection and following character is selected. If I continue writing, this selected character is replaced with accented version of last entered character.

For example if I want to change word "banan" into "banán" by selecting second "a", I will end up with word "ban'á".

Version 4.3

Will be fixed in the next update.


Adding a termianl to test java code

Hunter Cheramie 9 years ago in iPad 0
It would be nice to have a way to test out java code using a small internal terminal 

Is there comming a new Update?

Marino Schmid 10 years ago in iPad updated 10 years ago 2

ENGLISH: Is there comming a new Update?

Deutsch: Kommt ein neues Update? Wenn ja ist ein Termin bekannt?


Will textastic open and allow edits to .xsd files on the ipad?

Chris Beattie 10 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 1
Not a bug

Cannot download after first file

Ken Allen 9 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 9 years ago 2
Defined the FTP connection to my web site and was able to download, edit and upload one file, but now when I open the FTP connection it shows the list of files, but selecting one does not enable the Download option! I have tried several times, even quitting the app and launching it again. 
Under review

Problem with iPad Pro

Bob Lewis 8 years ago in iPad updated by Tahin Syed 6 years ago 4

While the app works beautifully on the iPad Air, it does not perform equally on the iPad Pro.

When I attempt to "Open" a file that resides in a cloud drive (Google, One Drive, etc.), I get an error message: "Failed to launch 'Google Drive' The document picker 'Google Drive' failed to launch (0)."

This same error message pops up regardless of the drive or app I attempt to access.

I can select a file from my Google Drive app and "Open in" Textastic successfully, but can't "Open" from the drive.


Why does the Editor change file extensions?

Rolf Lochbühler 11 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 3

I have Dropbox sync a .bib (BibTeX) file, since I'd like to be able to edit it on various devices. I assume the proper workflow is to open the file in Textastic using the menu in the Dropbox app. But when I do so, Textastic creates a copy of the file and also renames it to .a4d. Is this behavior intended?


additional keys displayed/not displayed

Tobias Lahmann 10 years ago in iPad 0

i would like the additional keys to remain diplayed while using external BT keyboard, because my Keyboard does not have all the keys i need.

please let me decide if i wan't the additional keys displayed or not

Under review

bluetooth keyboard become non-responsive after uploading file

Mike Yuan 9 years ago in iPad updated 9 years ago 4
I am using logitech keys to go keyboard with bluetooth connecting. everything works great first. But after I upload file to the server, all the alphabet keys became non-responsive. but the other function keys such as home, multi-task, spotlight search still work. And in other apps, all the keys work.

I had to click on the "File" buttom to "refresh" app to get the keys functioning again. Not sure if it is just this keyboard but hope you could fix this bug. Thanks!!!

Design mode

John Crause 11 years ago in iPad 0
I would love to see a design mode like dreamweaver that lets me edit the design instead of just the code, and it makes the code. I like to use that to create HTML code by just typing like a normal text editor, then I can copy the code into my web system afterwards. that would be a really cool feature.