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what exactly do you mean by "AppleScript support"? textastic offers syntax highlighting for applescript files (use the file ending ".applescript" or set it manually). that highlighting works perfectly for me, i just checked it with an example script. where exactly did the website state that no other app supports that?

if you described what exactly doesn't work or why exactly you are disappointed, that would help finding the solution.

as far as i know, axelander blach developed this app as a single developer. he additionally handles a huge amount of pointless support requests every week, which could have been avoided if the requesting person read the manual or sued the forum search.

i think, mr blach does this still on his own, or at least without a company or studio of several people. in my opinion, textastic is one of the most versatile, powerful and bug-free apps in the german app store. additionally, it's exeptionally small and cheap for its value.

so please take the time to
- double check that it is really a problem/bug/missing feature
- explain what exactly doesn't work
- worship this amazing tool me blach gave us
maybe a gesture would be convenient. for example, 3-finger-tapping.

i agree, but gzip is way more important than bzip2 because it's more common

i get the problem too (4.2.2). please fix this!

i agree with you.

at the moment there is a better version than importing every single file: you can download the zip in goodreader and upload all files at once an the server and download it in textastic. i think, its less annoying :D
amazing new features! can't wait to get the update.

what's about more changing history entrys (now, you can hit return only about 50 times)?
i like the idea of showing files in defferent colors.

filezilla documentation:

Identical directories and files (same name and same date and time of the last change) in the local computer and in the remote server : They are NOT highlighted at all.
Directories and files only present in the local computer or in the remote server : They are highlighted in YELLOW in the list of the location where they reside.
Directories and files with the same name in the local computer and in the remote server but with different time of the last change :
GREEN highlighting shows where the most recent version is.
Directories and files with the same name in the local computer and in the remote server but with different sizes : They are highlighted RED on both sides.
i think, this idea is stupid. ehy should you use a pointing device on a ui developed for finger use & gestures? why should you use a pointing device next to your ipad? he ipad is mobile touch device!
there is another solution: remote debugging

@a blach: this might be interesting for you:
i dont understand anything about ios developing but this sounds interesting.

@all the others: we can use the full-featured developer tools from firefox, chrome and safari now: