What's new in Textastic 4.0?

Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 10
  • Code Completion for HTML, CSS, and PHP functions
  • New row of additional keys: all special characters are available by swiping over the keys
  • Find and replace now supports regular expressions
  • Web preview: 
    • You can now enter a remote url for each file
    • For local files, you can choose a different file for preview (e.g. an HTML file when you preview CSS files)
    • Firebug Lite integration
    • Added back and forward buttons and website title.
  • Indent and unindent code by selecting multiple lines and using the tab and untab keys
  • Improved text selection: you can now double-tap and drag to select text
  • Templates for HTML files
  • Faster startup time and many other improvements
Version 4.0


Textastic 4.0 is now available on the App Store!
Here you can see the new keys in the additional row above the standard keyboard. You can swipe over the keys in the direction of the special character you want to enter. This allows you to quickly reach all special characters without the need to scroll.

The tab button also supports untab (to indent and unindent code), delete forward, go to line start and go to line end. 
This is the new preview screen. It allows you to enter a local path to preview for each file. So, for example, if you want to preview changes to a JavaScript or CSS file, you can enter the path of a HTML file that uses it.

You can also enter a remote url so you don't need to switch to Safari.

I love this app, can't wait to try out these new features!
amazing new features! can't wait to get the update.

what's about more changing history entrys (now, you can hit return only about 50 times)?
I can't wait for this great piece of software to get even better.

Thank you once again for all the work you do. It's very much appreciated!
Woo woo sym links!
Textastic 4.0 is now available on the App Store!
Why the date of the update shows October 13 2010 in update tab of the app store app?
I was confuse , might want to updated.
This app rocks
I just got a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad to use it heavy with this app. So I. Just need to carry iPad. And small keyboard laptop can stay hook to monitors at the office while I go to meetings to other rooms

Other uses other than typing I use it as code/sdk reference to have all the code or header files downloading files from github or pc to Dropbox /FTP then to this app.
By the way this app has support for objective-C (i.e iOS)

Must be an app store bug. For me it says "Updated: Mar 10, 2012".
Firebug lite support is freaking awesome

I like it but not love it. Small touch areas kind of difficult to touch with finger some buttons in firebug
I think there should be a version of firebuglite for tablet, or Textastic can just add a CSS file on top of it to enlarge some areas
I just find out that firebug lite code is in github, so maybe it can just be enhanced to detect tablet or mobile and make it easier on the tablet
My 2 cents

Keep the great work

Soon tablet will replace pc and textactic seems ahead as the prefer IDE or code editor for the tablet
I know that it's not perfect. Many people wanted it so I added it. Firebug Lite is loaded from the Firebug website, so it will always use the latest version. I hope they make it more touch-friendly.