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doesnt work for me :(
the debug bar doesnt come up.
have a look at filezilla for windows, linux and mac. it has a nice implementation of showing modified folders and files.
on my ipad1:
no opened multitasking apps
every time about 7 seconds
which update do you mean with the next? please provide a roadmap explaning your ideas and the planned features for textastic
Can you mark this thread as closed in this userecho feedback system?

obviously, the problem is solved (last change several months ago)
Second Workaround: GOODREADER! :D
1. import the photo in goodreader
2. upload the photo in goodreader
3. download the photo in textastic
requirement: one of the servers supported by textastic and goodreader (ftp,sftp,dav...)
but for displaying asp pages textastic had to have a webserver software installed, with all the features a webserver has to provide. that would be a bit too much!?
please provide a roadmap with main versions, their planned features and their release dates.
it's good to get an overview aout how textastic has been developed in the last years.

and it helps to avoid duplicate suggestions in the userecho's ideas section.
reboot your ipad. maybe the respring would recognizes the new app.

problem solved?
what about splitting your file? :D